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Obesity Facts and Approaches

Posted by Carolyn Ross on  May 19, 2009
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If you read the previous blog, you will know that the predisposition to obesity is overwhelmingly genetic.  What does this mean to you?  Well, if you come from a family of overweight individuals, it will undoubtedly be more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off.  That’s Fact #1 FAct #2:   The recommendations for physical activity to reduce risks for the health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes for the

Nutrition and Health

Posted by Carolyn Ross on  May 19, 2009
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I just recently attended and was a speaker at the 6th Annual Nutrition and Health Conference put on by the University of Arizona (  The conference was held in Chicago and May 11th was declared by Mayor Daley to be Nutrition and Health Day.  The conference featured nationally known speakers in the fields of public health, nutrition, research and culinary science, including Chicago chef, Rick Bayless.  What I always enjoy about this conference is that

Andrew Weil goes to Washington

Posted by Carolyn Ross on  February 28, 2009
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My mentor, Andy Weil this past week testified before the US Senate about Integrative Medicine and the future of healthcare.. See the link:

natural remedies: depression

Posted by Carolyn Ross on  February 24, 2009
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My son, Noah suffered from severe depression for ten years before his untimely death at the age of 29. He was a fashion photographer, a brother and an uncle. His death five years ago this month left a hole in many of our lives. Depression is the number one cause of disability in the world. It affects 20 million people in the US. And yet, despite many new drugs on the market in the last

Eating Disorders – Natural Remedies

Posted by Carolyn Ross on  December 17, 2008
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Eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating are serious and life threatening disorders.  Many clinicians have sided with the new genetic research pointing to the increase in incidence of eating disorders in those who have a close family member with an eating disorder.  New medications have been used to target the symptoms of mood disorders, binge behaviors and loss of appetite.  Despite all of the new “technology” associated with