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Hi, I’m Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross. I am an African American author, international speaker and expert the treatment of eating disorders, trauma and addictions. I am board certified in Preventive Medicine and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Ross has been an international speaker and consultant on issues of mental health, trauma, workplace productivity and the trauma-informed workplace. I presented a TEDxPleasantGrove talk on “Historical and Intergenerational Trauma in January 2020. I am the CEO of The Anchor Program – an online program for binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction. I’m also the co-founder of the Institute for Antiracism and Equity, a consulting group that offers DEI trainings to organizations on diversity, antiracism and equity in the workplace. More…

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How To Maximize The Gifts of Intergenerational Trauma

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Books By Dr. Carolyn Ross

The Food Addiction Recovery Workbook

Isn’t it time you got off the diet treadmill? In The Food Addiction Recovery Workbook, physician Carolyn Coker Ross offers the proven-effective Anchor Program™ to help you curb cravings, end body dissatisfaction, manage stress and emotions without food, and truly satisfy your soul.

The Emotional Eating Workbook

When we constantly feel hungry and overeat, sometimes it’s not about the food. In this important book, learn the proven-effective Anchor System to help people finally end their struggles with food and body image issues.

The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook

The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook is for you if you’ve been struggling with your body image. In this book, you will learn about the Five Principles of Healing Eating. As well, this workbook will help you gain insight into emotional and stress eating, and the skills to help you learn to manage your emotions and cope with stress without resorting to food.

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Binge eating

Binge eating disorder, commonly referred to as BED, is an eating disorder that is very different from is more common than either anorexia or bulimia. If you’re suffering from Binge Eating Disorder, you are not alone. get started here.

Emotional Eating

When we constantly feel hungry and overeat, sometimes it’s not about the food. If you’re struggling with emotional overeating, you should know that you don’t need to deny yourself certain foods. It’s not about food. Get started here.

Food Addiction

If you’re tired of obsessing about food, constantly feeling out of control with certain foods and unable to deal with food cravings, then you may be struggling with food addiction. To make peace with food and with your body, get started here.


Dr. Carolyn Ross is a pioneer in the use of Integrative medicine for the treatment of mental health issues and eating disorders. Her compassion and understanding bring hope to patients and family members whose lives are affected by these difficult problems by showing us that transformation and healing at the deepest level are possible.