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Put an end to binge eating, food addiction and emotional eating. You can make peace with food and your body and have the energy and vitality you want!


Tattoos have become more acceptable over the years but are often only seen as having decorative value. My guest #DonnaTorrisi has written a book about the connection between tattoos and trauma. While a tattoo sits only on the skin, the meaning of tattoos may be much deeper for some individuals, telling a story of a difficult time in their lives, a loss or a story of abuse. In this way, tattoos are a form of
If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction, you may also have body image issues. Your body image issues may keep you from doing what you want to do in life and keep you from being the best you can do. Think of your body identity as a role or archetype you have chosen to play in your life for the time being until you are able and willing to be your
Many people who struggle with food addiction, binge eating, or emotional eating also have money problems – overspending, impulse buying or you may have had a bad divorce that left you with financial problems. My special guest, Tasha Chen is with me on this podcast to discuss why money can be a problem for so many people and how you can attract more financial abundance into your life. In this podcast, you will learn: 1.
Self-sabotage is common and happens to people from all walks of life. Many people with food addiction, emotional eating or binge eating self-sabotage with food as a way to numb unpleasant emotions or cope with stressful situations. This can lead to feelings of failure and can worsen the behaviors or body dissatisfaction. Then you can get stuck in the vicious cycle of binge eating, obsessing about food and being dissatisfied with your body. Rinse, Repeat.
Traumatic life experiences, including childhood trauma and the relationships you have with your caregivers growing up has a direct affect on the nervous system – often throwing it out of balance. An out of balance nervous system can make it difficult for you to tolerate your emotions and this then lead to using food (and other substances and behaviors) to numb or manage your anxiety, sadness, fear, anger and other emotions. In this episode, I