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Put an end to binge eating, food addiction and emotional eating. You can make peace with food and your body and have the energy and vitality you want!


Many people with food and body image issues hold on to the belief that the only thing keeping them from being fat or fatter is having to whip themselves in shape periodically, or getting mad at themselves when they “make a mistake.” The negative self-talk and body hatred that goes along with the diet mentality does not address in any way the underlying reason for your binge eating, binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating, food addiction
Research from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study demonstrates that the true causes of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases may be related to your childhood. Getting thin(ner) won’t fix your childhood experiences.  But healing from these experiences can give you help with food addiction, freedom from emotional eating and less food obsessions from food addiction.   STUDY GUIDE : HOMEWORK Think of how much of your time and energy you spend on thoughts about
I have so many patients who come to me absolutely certain that they have to be thin in order to be healthy.  Usually these are women who have been dieting, hating their bodies, being obsessed with food, binge eating, compulsive overeating or who identify as emotional eaters or individuals with food addiction.   They may be as young as 25 or as old as 7o.  What they have in common is the desperate need to be
You may be afraid to think about the possibility of relapsing from binge eating, food addiction or emotional eating in the future. In fact, many people believe that even talking about lapses gives you an excuse to go back to your old behaviors. The truth is that your cravings may come back when you least expect them. Maybe you’ll be doing well, but then you get a promotion at work and have old feelings of
Many people who are in recovery from binge eating, food addiction or emotional eating  stay at the superficial level, as in not obsessing about food or not bingeing. While it is important to overcome binge eating, to get food addiction help and to find freedom from emotional eating, but your unwanted behaviors can also be seen as the gateway for a deeper understanding of yourself and your eating addiction—not just an end result.  The ultimate