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  My guest, Dr. Jillian Lampert will discuss some of the challenges and innovations in treating eating disorders.   In this episode you will learn: 1. What challenges make it difficult for patients to get treatment for eating disorders. 2. What are newer innovations that bring hope to treatment of eating disorders   Dr. Jillian G. (Croll) Lampert, PhD, RD, LD, MPH, FAED is Chief Strategy Officer of Accanto Health, parent company of Veritas Collaborative
Being out of touch with or disconnected from your spirit can lead to spiritual depletion.  Spiritual depletion can exacerbate binge eating, food addiction and emotional eating.  Spiritual emptiness is a sick- ness that has signs and symptoms just like any physical illness. It’s important that you recognize the signs so you can address the causes of spiritual depletion with as much compassion and care as you would any other illness.   In this episode you
If you are struggle with food addiction, emotional eating or binge eating, stress can trigger emotions that you may have been regulating with food.  Managing stress without food requires that you learn a new set of skills to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed, worn out, or stressed to the max. Managing stress also requires learning to tap into your body’s wisdom to identify the early warning signs and symptoms of stress, a key first step
In this podcast, I will interview Betsy Thurston, a dietician who also specializes in the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy as a unique tool in treating her eating disorder clients. The founder of IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz describes IFS as “a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy.” We will discuss how she has seen IFS work for her clients who struggle with eating disorders.   In this podcast you will learn: 1. What
If you are dissatisfied with your body, you are not alone. While having self-doubts is a normal part of being human, if your self-evaluation is primarily dependent on your superficial appearance, your size or shape, that can lead to shame, negative self-talk, suffering and the use of extreme and harmful behaviors to reach the ever-elusive thin ideal. As well, it’s important to realize that trying to “hate yourself thin” can put stress on your body

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