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Put an end to binge eating, food addiction and emotional eating. You can make peace with food and your body and have the energy and vitality you want!


If you’re struggling with food addiction, binge eating or emotional eating, at some point you may have come to realize that there’s something deeper to your food and body image issues. If you ask yourself what the cause is of most of your suffering about your food obsessions and body hatred, you may realize that it is because of these problems you have not allowed yourself to express who you truly are. You may have
Unconscious core beliefs can stand between you and your goal to put an end to your food, body image, and weight issues. When first formed, usually when you were younger and during times of transition, trauma, or emotional upheaval, core beliefs are solutions to problems you couldn’t solve—perhaps because you didn’t have the resources at the time.  Research highlights the importance of addressing negative core beliefs; when they are not addressed, you may find it
If you’ve been struggling with binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction for most of your life, you may view your body as an adversary.  When you experience negative feelings about your body, it may be the result of past hurtful experiences from childhood, which can lead to a disconnection between you and your body. This can lead to your self-evaluation (how you feel about yourself) being tied to your body size or shape and
Did you know that there is a hidden force that drives your behaviors associated with food addiction, emotional eating and binge eating? This hidden force is your emotions and when you struggle to regulate your emotions, it can have a big impact on your binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction behaviors. If you have food and body image issues, you may respond to emotions by using food to numb yourself or tamp down even
If you’ve tried different diets to help with food obsessions, binge eating or emotional eating, you may have concluded that your food and weight issues are not about food. These issues are about how you use food to deal with your emotions, experiences from your past, and beliefs that have resulted from past hurts or traumas. By working on your food and weight issues on a deeper level, you can expect your healing to also

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