Trauma has been show to increase the risk for eating disorders and addictions.  There has been much research showing that early childhood trauma can really change a person’s life trajectory – causing problems with learning, attention, memory and the ability to regulate emotions.  Despite these traumatic experiences, individuals with trauma are able to live healthy, successful and fulfilling lives.  Healing the trauma is key to healing addictions, eating disorders and other mental health issues.


In this podcast you’ll learn:

1. What is developmental trauma?

2. How does developmental trauma show up in our lives?

3. What are signs that you may be suffering from developmental trauma?


Dr. Lynne and Dr. Joanne are psychologists who are expertly trained in the treatment of addiction and trauma. They became pioneer’s in the field, by opening Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®, an intensive specialized treatment program specifically for trauma. Both are trained in multiple trauma treatment modalities.

Dr. Lynne received her PHD from California School of Professional Psychology, and then advanced studies at the Wright Institute Los Angeles. At the center of her work is the mind-body-heart connection.

Dr. Joanne has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology  and over 40 years experience in the mental health field. She was prominent in starting the first inpatient drug and alcohol program for teens in Los Angeles and involved in developing several adult dual diagnosis programs.


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