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Consistency trumps intensity and novelty.What does that mean? I hear over and over how my patients are able to stick with a new (novel) eating plan, exercise routine or (fill in the blank) for only a short time then they are off to something new (novel). Many tend to gravitate towards dramatic or intense new ways of eating or being physically active (ex. CrossFit). They feel pumped up by a new diet or by a
Research has shown that toxic stress – for example adverse childhood experiences (prolonged and extreme stress without compensatory support) changes the brain – increasing risk for addictions, eating disorders and other mental and physical health issues. However, on the other end of the spectrum, NO stress deprives a child in particular of the brain changes that help them learn emotional regulation and resilience. In childhood, life experiences AND life stresses (when coupled with family support)
Health, particularly behavioral health, has become bound up in morality.  The term for this is “healthism” based on a philosophy that everyone is responsible for their health but in a way that makes “healthy behaviors” seem to be more morally superior.  This is particularly a problem when it comes to body size.  There is a feeling that if health is under your control, then that means you must be “choosing” to be obese (as defined
However you’re coping – even if it includes overeating or binging – do not judge yourself.  Grace is defined as “courteous goodwill.”  If you go to your default behavior of binging on cookies or stress management by chocolate, be kind to yourself, recognize this is a tough time and even those of us who are the strongest are struggling, so you may struggle too.  It’s okay.  Observe what is happening, just don’t judge it.   Hi everyone it’s Dr. Carolyn Coker
Food shame is common in individuals with binge eating, food addiction, emotional or stress eating.  Certain foods are more prone to being a source of shame and can lead to overeating and binging.  How do the keto diet, paleo diet or intermittent fasting lead to food shame?  Stress can also contribute to or result in food shame.  Learn how to overcome food shame.   Hi everyone, welcome to Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross show. Today is