In this podcast, I will interview Betsy Thurston, a dietician who also specializes in the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy as a unique tool in treating her eating disorder clients. The founder of IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz describes IFS as “a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy.” We will discuss how she has seen IFS work for her clients who struggle with eating disorders.


In this podcast you will learn:

1. What is Internal Family Systems Therapy?
2. How is IFS different from other therapies?
3. How can IFS help patients heal from food and body image issues?



Guest Bio:

Betsy Thurston RD MPH is a registered dietitian and eating disorder clinician with a private practice outside of Atlanta Georgia where she helps people with any type of stressful eating experience. She works with many people virtually as a nutrition therapist and coach. Betsy also hosts the popular podcast “Binge Dieting”.

In her practice, Betsy incorporates intuitive and mindful eating as well as the mental and emotional components of eating behaviors. She is a practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy. Betsy has been influenced greatly by the work of Byron Katie, Ekhart Tolle, and other spiritual leaders, and incorporates these into her practice as well.

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