My guest, Dr. Jillian Lampert will discuss some of the challenges and innovations in treating eating disorders.


In this episode you will learn:

1. What challenges make it difficult for patients to get treatment for eating disorders.
2. What are newer innovations that bring hope to treatment of eating disorders


Dr. Jillian G. (Croll) Lampert, PhD, RD, LD, MPH, FAED is Chief Strategy Officer of Accanto Health, parent company of Veritas Collaborative and The Emily Program. Additionally, Dr. Lampert is Co-Founder and President of the REDC, the national consortium representing eating disorders care focused on treatment standards, best practices, access to care, and collaborative research. She is also Treasurer of the Eating Disorders Coalition, a DC-based national organization for eating disorders policy and advocacy, and a Board Member of WithAll, a Minnesota based organization that empowers eating disorder prevention and strengthens support for recovery. She holds an adjunct graduate faculty position in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. One of her primary goals in life is to have the kids in her house (and everywhere!) have confident, loving relationships with their bodies and themselves.


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