Jumpstart Anchor Program


4 Weeks to a Healthy Body Image and Nourishing Lifestyle


If you struggle with emotional eating, compulsive overeating, binge eating or food addiction, there’s something you need to know …

It’s not your fault.

This pattern was probably created during a time of immense stress or during a significant stressful life event. This may have been your way of coping with your feelings, and for a while, it probably helped you feel better.  But, over time, you also may have felt badly about your eating habits (maybe even guilty) and instead of forgiving yourself for “coping,” this turned into a vicious cycle of blame and shame and turning to food to make yourself feel better.

If you’ve been on the diet rollercoaster or have suffered from eating and body image issues, and you’ve tried other programs, you may be thinking…

I’m too overwhelmed to take time to do this program

I’m worried I won’t be able to deal with my feelings

I’ve given up trying to regain control because every time I try something new, it just doesn’t work for me

I’m tired of trying so hard and never really reaching my health goals

I understand how you feel because all of these are exactly what my clients said before they used the Anchor Program! This 4-week jumpstart program is NOT about dieting or deprivation. In fact, it’s about having more fulfillment, enjoyment, health and positive thoughts and feelings about your body.


What does it really take to…


Make peace with food and with your body?

Stop using food to deal with your feelings?

Overcome emotional eating and conquer cravings?


The Answer

The key to all of the above is finding your anchor. Being anchored is about being true to yourself and accessing your inner strength.  Your anchor is where you find stability in your lifestyle, your confidence in dealing with uncomfortable feelings like stress and anxiety, and where you put an end to body hatred.

The Jumpstart Anchor Program is a proven non-diet approach for treating emotional eating, binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating and food addiction.  You can access this program through online video conferencing from the comfort of your own home. As a Jumpstart Anchor Program client, you’ll work with professionals in the fields of nutrition, medicine, counseling and health coaching to set and achieve your goals and break the hold food has over you and your life.


The Jumpstart Anchor Program is for you if…

  • You struggle with emotional eating or binge eating, and you’ve tried other programs only to fall back into old eating habits. This is not a quick fix program, but a 4-week intensive reboot concerning how you use food, how you feel about your body and how you address your emotions. Think of the Anchor Program as your springboard for better health and a better relationship with food and your body.
  • You’ve made short term progress with other programs and methods but failed in achieving lasting change. Real change takes expert guidance and support from people who know what you are going through and what challenges you face.
  • You’ve addressed symptoms of your eating habits but have yet to discover the true ROOT of your suffering. Until you take the time to get to the root of your suffering, you will continue to repeat unwanted behaviors and patterns. The Anchor Program is designed to help you discover your root cause so you can acknowledge and accept what is really eating you. Once you know what your root cause is, our team of experts’ help you heal the emotions caused by the root issue so you can develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • You are overwhelmed by everyday stress, pressures, and demands which make it almost impossible to maintain healthy habits and enjoy your life. The best part of the Anchor Program is we make it simple to complete and apply to your life – even during times of stress – because we teach you how to deal with the uncomfortable emotions associated with emotional eating and binge eating. And…you’ll have a community of support to lean on when you are faced with your common triggers.


This 4-Week Program is NOT for you if…

  • You are not willing to be honest about how you feel.
  • You are not willing to lean on our team for support when you need it.
  • You are not willing to do the work we ask of you.


Overview of the 4-Week Jumpstart Anchor Program

Week 1: How to Embody Healing Habits and Thoughts

In Week 1, you’ll learn how to recognize when you are disconnected from your body and how to come back to yourself so you can gain awareness of your eating habits. This is how you break eating patterns that aren’t serving you physically, mentally or emotionally.  This is an important first step in finding your anchor because there’s no true healing unless you are in and accept your body.

Week 2: Changing Eating Patterns and Resolving Body Image Issues

When is enough, enough? What causes body and eating dissatisfaction and how can this be helped? In Week 2, you’ll learn how to gauge your hunger so that you can satisfy your body instead of numbing your emotions. You’ll also come to grips with how you really feel about your body and how you look, so that you can resolve these image issues and create a loving relationship to the greatest tool you’ll ever own – your body!

Week 3: Easy Ways to Nourish and Nurture Your Body

In Week 3, you’ll learn how simple it is to make small, meaningful choices with food that bring you increased energy, more vitality and offer small “wins” that encourage lasting change that builds on these choices. You’ll also find some simple ways to love yourself by using simple self-care techniques that foster a healthy relationship with how you feel about your body.

Week 4: Untethering Yourself from Your Past

In Week 4, you’ll discover how to completely let go of harmful attachments to the past, release addictions and heal traumas that have kept you stuck in unhealthy coping mechanisms. You’ll learn how to put together the puzzle pieces of who you are together in a way to see and accept yourself as you truly are.


In just 4-weeks and by following the tenets of the Jumpstart Anchor Program, you WILL:

  • Begin to shift your relationship with food and with your body
  • Incorporate healthy food choices in simple ways
  • Learn proactive and positive ways to cope with your feelings instead of using food
  • Get off the diet treadmill once and for all

How the Anchor Program Works

The Anchor Program is a proven approach to the treatment of binge eating disorder, emotional eating, food addiction and emotional eating that you can access through online video conferencing from the comfort of your own home.

As an Anchor Program client, you’ll work with professionals in the fields of nutrition, medicine, counseling and health coaching to set and achieve your goals and break the hold food has over your life.


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Special Bonus Gifts for a Limited Time Only!

When you sign up for the Anchor Program by Thursday, May 4, you’ll also receive 5 additional bonus gifts!

Bonus #1: The Emotional Eating Workbook: A Proven-Effective, Step-by-Step Guide to End Your Battle with Food and Satisfy Your Soul downloadable e-workbook to further support you on your healing journey.

Bonus #2: Access to a Private Facebook Group so you have the support you need when you need it! You’ll have lifetime access to this group even after you complete this 4-week intensive program.

Bonus #3: Healing and Nourishing Your Spirit Interactive Workbook by Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross.  Each one of us has an inner core that is unchanging, true and real. This is our spirit. In this explorative workbook, you’ll learn ways to nourish your spirit back to health using effective exercises that take you to the root of your suffering. Once you become aware of these deeper emotional patterns, you can learn ways to address how you feel in positive, supportive ways that nourish your spirit and your body.

Bonus #4: U-Turn Cards. Use these insightful cards to answer the most important question you could ever ask: what are you hungry for? These colorful cards provide gentle affirmations to remind you that you are worthy and deserving of loving your body and living fully each and every day.

Bonus #5: Simple Plan Card. Whenever you’re faced with what to eat, use this Simple Plan Card to determine how much and what should be on your plate to ensure you nourish the body without depriving yourself of foods you love.

The bonus gifts alone are valued over $500, but you’ll receive them for free when you sign up for the Jumpstart Anchor Program by Thursday, May 4!

You don’t have to suffer or loathe your body. You can learn how to nourish your body and your soul so that you can live a life that is rewarding and joyful – and for a very small investment but one that offers extraordinary returns for years to come!


Sign up now for $495!


Your Nutrition, Medicine, Counseling and Health Experts

Dr. Carolyn Ross

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is a nationally known author, speaker, expert and pioneer in the use of Integrative Medicine for the treatment of Eating Disorders and Addictions.  She is the former head of the eating disorders program at Sierra Tucson. Dr. Ross consults with treatment centers around the country to help them develop successful eating disorder programs with the focus on treating eating disorders and addictions. She is the author of three books the most recent of which are The Emotional Eating Workbook (May, 2016) and The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook. She collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil on 2-CD audio, The Joy of Eating Well. Dr. Ross has also developed a home-study course for binge eating disorder entitled The Anchor Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Program™.


Kate Martin, M.Ed Human Development Counseling

Kate Martin earned her M.Ed in Human Development Counseling in 2007 and became the primary therapist for the Eating Disorders program at a residential treatment center. After several years working in residential treatment, Kate discovered and nurtured her passion for helping people achieve their full potential. In 2012, Kate accepted a position with a psychiatric clinic at a large university medical center where she worked with children and families in an outpatient setting. She currently runs a private practice working with individuals and families struggling with mood and psychological disorders, eating disorders, addiction, and trauma



Leslie Binch, LPC-MHSP

Leslie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice.  With 25 years of personal recovery from eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and trauma, Leslie has a deep understanding of the issues her clients face. A no-holds-barred, say-it-like-it-is therapist, Leslie is direct but extremely loving and supportive. As her colleagues say, she meets clients where they’re at and then pushes them to the next level. Leslie also relies heavily on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and employs a somatic approach to develop resources for clients to use to so they abstain from unhealthy behaviors. Extensively trained in Level I and II Brain spotting, and trained in CRM, both techniques are applied to successfully process trauma and PTSD.



Courtney Phifer, MS, RD, LDN

Courtney earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition Science from the University of Tennessee. She completed her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She has been working in the field of eating disorders and addictions for 7 years. It has become her passion to help those struggling with disordered eating to develop a healthier relationship with food.





Heather Phillips, M.A. Community Counseling, M.Ed. in Administrative Leadership, LPC, Certified Addiction Counselor

Heather Phillips has worked in the mental health and addiction treatment profession for over 11 years. She has earned an M.A. in Community Counseling, M.Ed. in Administrative Leadership, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC III) in the State of Colorado. Heather is currently EMDR-trained, offering treatment for survivors of trauma. She currently is in private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado serving the unique needs of this community. Heather also currently teaches counseling and addiction courses at a local college, provides various community trainings, and is currently developing a trauma treatment program for an agency dedicated to global anti-human trafficking investigations.


What Anchor Program Clients Say


The Anchor program has changed my life. For once, there is a program that gets to the heart of helping you understand why you’re struggling and teaches you how to change your patterns you’ve spent a lifetime establishing. Previous diets feel superficial and I now see why they failed. The Anchor program helped me recognize my true self and for the first time in decades, I’m no longer ashamed of who I am.

– CS, Denver


I’ve never felt better while still losing weight. I feel like my issues with food are really being dealt with. – MR, Virginia


My struggle has always been to try to gain control of my eating without it relapsing into binge/purging habits.  Something about this feels both forgiving and empowering, and for the first time EVER, it feels like my body “gets it.  I owe you more gratitude than I express. – Denver participant


I love the holistic approach of the program. I am learning skills to deal with stress and not turning to food as much. – FC, Denver


Dr. Ross’s Program was so much more than I expected. It was gently revealing of the emotions behind the eating behaviors and gives tools to help overcome them. It is simple but not easy if you really commit to do the work. It can be scary at times to face long forgotten feelings. It is so worth it to become a whole person not controlled by weight and food.  – Denver participant



Dr. Ross is truly gifted in her knowledge and expertise in treating binge eating/compulsive overeating and the issues surrounding it. If you are looking for a quick fix (that will not last), this isn’t the program for you. However, if you are willing to dive deep and experience true freedom and healing, this program may be the answer to all you have been seeking. It absolutely has been for me – I wish I had found it sooner! I could have saved many, many years of suffering and wasted time, money, and energy on efforts that fought against my body’s wisdom, had I found The Anchor Program earlier!