Addiction Treatment

I am a board certified Addiction Medicine specialist. In my practice, I use both conventional therapies for addictions as well as natural remedies such as dietary supplements, nutritional therapies and amino acids.  I treat:

Currently, I am using amino acids to treat brain abstinence syndrome. Below is more information about this:

“According to a researcher at the National Institute of Health, the key to curing addiction could lie in the balancing of neurotransmitters in the brain. A recent article by Dr. Rothman, showed that by balancing the serotonin and dopamine in the brain, cravings and withdrawal symptoms were abated almost immediately.””Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that gives us our feelings of reward. When we do things that release dopamine, we feel good, happy, motivated, excited, etc. Serotonin is the one that gives us calming, relaxed, peaceful feelings. That is why many people use serotonin enhancing chemicals before sleeping at night. These neurotransmitters play a part in satiation. In other words, they tell us when we have had enough of something.”


I also work with my patients in therapy to deal with the underlying causes or contributing factors of their addiction to alcohol or opiates.


If you would like to get on Suboxone, please call my office to schedule a visit.  Here are some facts you need to know:

– You must be in withdrawal from opiates to start Suboxone (36-48 hours depending on what you are using now).

– I do not sell the Suboxone or keep any in my office.  Your office visit fee does not, therefore, include the cost of your prescription.

– Suboxone is covered by many insurances but if you don’t have insurance you will pay cash.  Until you know exactly what dose of Suboxone your body requires, you can’t know the cost you will expect to pay at the Pharmacy.

– Within the first 3 visits with me, you will be on your maintenance dose.

If you have more questions about Suboxone, please go to this website which has the most reliable info:

If you would like to get on Suboxone, please call my office to schedule an appointment: (303) 355-2445.