“I knew of Dr. Ross by her reputation at Sierra Tucson. Dr. Ross has brought that same level of creativity, wisdom and management ability to our Eating disorders program making The Ranch a leader in integrative eating disorders healing and recovery treatment. She is a brilliant clinician and a very cool human being.”

Co-owner of The Ranch

Dr. Carolyn Ross has been instrumental in the development of the Eating Disorder Program at Integrative Life Center. Her experience and expertise in integrative models of treatment is extensive and her ongoing consultation with our treatment team provides sound medical guidance as well as creative approaches to clients with eating disorders, addictions and other trauma related conditions. Over the past five years, Dr. Ross has made herself available whenever we need her and we can count on her to provide the most cutting edge approaches to treatment in the field. A wealth of knowledge, without a doubt!

Executive Director
Integrative Life Center

“Dr. Carolyn Ross is a pioneer in the use of Integrative medicine for the treatment of mental health issues and eating disorders. Her compassion and understanding bring hope to patients and family members whose lives are affected by these difficult problems by showing us that transformation and healing at the deepest level are possible.”