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Break Your Emotional Eating Cycle for Good!


Uncover and Heal Your Unmet Emotional Needs to End Your Battle with Food

Emotional eating is NOT a self-control issue! There are psychological needs that underlie your eating and once you recognize those triggers, you can stop this cycle and start satisfying your soul!

If you struggle with any of the following, you could suffer from emotional eating:

  • Feel out of control with your eating
  • Sense of Self-loathing
  • Feel bad about your body
  • Have difficulty dealing with emotions
  • Tend to overeat in times of emotional distress
  • Experience intense food cravings, especially when you feel hurt or stressed
  • Feel shame, guilt or embarrassment when it comes to eating

You may be relying on food to comfort, console and calm what’s really eating you. If you want to break this emotional eating cycle for good, this webinar series with Dr. Carolyn Ross is your answer!


Why You Eat Away Your Feelings

Did you know that most emotional eating may begin in childhood or later in life due to life stresses? Emotional eating can become a way for you to cope with stress, loneliness or to numb out when you feel overwhelmed.

Constant Sugar and Fat Cravings  

It’s no coincidence you lean on foods high in sugar and fat because these foods trigger your brain’s reward centers and give you the feeling of calmness or comfort you seek. But any relief you get is only temporary and then you start craving again. The negativity and shame you feel after overeating rarely inspires you to make long-lasting positive changes. This continuous negative cycle of cravings and overeating keeps you in a gripping battle that no amount of self-control can overcome.


In this 4-session webinar series, we’ll cover the following topics:

APRIL 6 – Uncover and Fulfill What You Truly Crave with Leslie Binch, LPC-MHSP

If you reach for food when you experience difficult emotions like stress, overwhelm, pain or fear, there is a way to disrupt this vicious cycle. In this webinar, Leslie will explain how you get stuck in the cycle of emotional eating and will offer solutions in creating permanent change by gaining awareness of a deeper hunger you seek to fill within. When you learn practical tools in dealing with your emotions rather than covering them up or numbing yourself with food, you’ll satiate that deeper desire and feel more in control over when and how you eat. Essentially, you’ll learn what you’re really hungry for and how to fulfill this need in healthy ways. 


APRIL 13 – Ending the War Within: The Pros and Cons of Recovery with Kate Martin, M.Ed Human Development Counseling

Early in recovery, you may question whether you really can commit to leaving your eating problems behind and live a life free from food cravings, binges or body image issues. A part of you may want recovery, while another part of you may not want to give up all the ways in which food helps you cope – with stress, emotions and everyday life challenges. In this webinar, Kate will help you identify these warring parts of yourself so you can strengthen and support your true self’s desire for recovery. She’ll also share an insightful exercise to keep you focused and engaged with your health goals.


APRIL 20 – Facing Your Plate: Learning to Eat in the Moment with Courtney Phifer, MS, RD, LDN

What does eating in the moment really mean? Explore how this skill can be the key to preventing overeating and binge eating, and learn how to connect to and listen to your body’s cues for hunger and fullness. Courtney will walk you through a simple exercise for which you are asked to have available a piece of chocolate or other small piece of food.


APRIL 27 – What the Billion Dollar Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know with Dr. Carolyn Ross

This webinar explores the myths about willpower, the science of weight and health and why diets are doomed to fail. Dr. Ross will challenge your assumptions about healthy eating and weight loss and give you an inside view about the tricks and trade of the mega-million dollar diet industry. She also offers proven, realistic and achievable ways to improve your health and well being.


This webinar series is not about food, dieting or deprivation. This instructive and interactive series is about how food is used to self-soothe and numb yourself against the pain of living and how you use food to self-medicate in coping with stress and unresolved emotions. You can break your emotional eating cycle for good!  By connecting to your true, authentic self, you will relate better to your body, you’ll know intuitively how to feed your body, and you’ll reach the weight that’s right for you.


Webinar Dates:
Thursdays, April 6-27
4-5 pm Pacific


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*Pay $7 to attend the webinar series. If you’re satisfied, do nothing and you’ll be billed an additional $40 at the end of the series. We’re so confident the methods you’ll learn will work if you put in the effort to do them, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund. You must complete all four lessons, do the exercises and complete the worksheets given during the webinar to request a refund.


I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work…

If you’re not sure this webinar series can help you end your battle with food, ask yourself what you’ve tried so far. Have you turned to sheer will power only to fall back into old eating habits? Did a stressful event or situation arise almost immediately after you tried to incorporate a new, healthy habit like going to the gym? Did the diet that worked for a friend only leave you feeling more deprived and more prone to your cravings? All of these efforts are admirable, but emotional eating is not overcome with will-power, dieting or a new exercise routine. Emotional eating can only end when you become aware of the underlying emotional and situational triggers and develop new and positive ways to address these feelings.

If you’ve tried everything else, and you are ready to stop this cycle for good, sign up for this  webinar series to discover the connection between your food cravings and your emotional triggers and learn powerful and effective ways to incorporate a healthy relationship with food and your body.

This webinar series includes a multitude of supportive bonuses including:

  • A “recipe” for mindful eating versus overeating handout
  • A proven and effective action guide to making positive changes quickly and easily
  • Loving the Skin You’re In Meditation
  • A powerful breathing visualization exercise to help you reconnect to your authentic self
  • Printable reminder for proactively managing stressful times
  • A Mindful Eating Audio Exercise
  • Recovering from Binge Eating
  • Powerful Recovery Quote to carry with you



About Dr. Carolyn Ross

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is a nationally known author, speaker, expert and pioneer in the use of Integrative Medicine for the treatment of Eating Disorders, Obesity and Addictions.  She is the former head of the eating disorders program at Sierra Tucson. Dr. Ross consults with treatment centers around the country to help them develop successful eating disorder programs with the focus on treating eating disorders and addictions. She is the author of three books the most recent of which are The Emotional Eating Workbook (May, 2016) and The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook. She collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil on 2-CD audio, The Joy of Eating Well. Dr. Ross has also developed a home-study course for binge eating disorder and obesity entitled The Anchor Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Program™.


Webinar Expert Co-Hosts

Kate Martin, M.Ed Human Development Counseling

Kate Martin earned her M.Ed in Human Development Counseling in 2007 and became the primary therapist for the Eating Disorders program at a residential treatment center. After several years working in residential treatment, Kate discovered and nurtured her passion for helping people achieve their full potential. In 2012, Kate accepted a position with a psychiatric clinic at a large university medical center where she worked with children and families in an outpatient setting. She currently runs a private practice working with individuals and families struggling with mood and psychological disorders, eating disorders, addiction, and trauma



Leslie Binch, LPC-MHSP

Leslie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice.  With 25 years of personal recovery from eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and trauma, Leslie has a deep understanding of the issues her clients face. A no-holds-barred, say-it-like-it-is therapist, Leslie is direct but extremely loving and supportive. As her colleagues say, she meets clients where they’re at and then pushes them to the next level. Leslie also relies heavily on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and employs a somatic approach to develop resources for clients to use to so they abstain from unhealthy behaviors. Extensively trained in Level I and II Brain spotting, and trained in CRM, both techniques are applied to successfully process trauma and PTSD.



Courtney Phifer, MS, RD, LDN

Courtney earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition Science from the University of Tennessee. She completed her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She has been working in the field of eating disorders and addictions for 7 years. It has become her passion to help those struggling with disordered eating to develop a healthier relationship with food.








Dr. Carolyn Ross is a pioneer in the use of Integrative medicine for the treatment of mental health issues and eating disorders. Her compassion and understanding bring hope to patients and family members whose lives are affected by these difficult problems by showing us that transformation and healing at the deepest level are possible.


Dr. Ross is masterful in her approach to healing and creating positive change for those who struggle with emotional eating. I recommend her to anyone who has issues around food and weight. – Leslie



Dr. Ross helps you realize why eating is more about personal experiences than about actual food. Not a diet that stresses deprivation, Dr. Ross instead emphasises understanding how feelings about yourself formed your relationship with food and how you are already prepared to help yourself eat properly so food is both healthful and rewarding.

Dr. Carolyn Ross’ method is quite thought provoking and really makes me get in touch feelings and memories that I had long buried, but not dealt with. – Karla K.

Carolyn Ross is an expert in the field of eating disorders and a highly regarded medical doctor, but she writes in clear and easy-to-understand language. Her books are not only informative and incredibly insightful, but also fun to read. This book offers helpful tools to work through the often confusing issues surrounding emotional eating. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, Dr. Ross employs common-sense methods to create a “SIMPLE Plan” for lasting change. I highly recommend this book as well as her others for anyone wanting to get a handle on their eating habits. – Kathryn M.


Webinar Dates:
Thursdays, April 6-27
4-5 pm Pacific


Sign up now for $7!


*Pay $7 to attend the webinar series. If you’re satisfied, do nothing and you’ll be billed an additional $40 at the end of the series. We’re so confident the methods you’ll learn will work if you put in the effort to do them, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund. You must complete all four lessons, do the exercises and complete the worksheets given during the webinar to request a refund.