CCR 21 | Healing Through Consciousness


There is so much to healing that people have yet to explore. Eva Herr shares the role consciousness plays in that. Eva is a medical intuitive luminary, author, and radio host. She talks about the possibilities of being able to change our realities with only our thoughts and how we can heal our body if we heal our emotions by tapping into who we are. Eva shares some insights from her book, Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics, and discusses consciousness and/or spiritual enlightenment. She also touches on the concept of free will in relation to addictions and lets us in on her personal journey of transformation.

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Changing Realities Through Consciousness with Eva Herr

CCR 21 | Healing Through Consciousness

Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics

We have a great show for you. We’re going to be talking about the following questions regarding what is consciousness. Can we change our reality with only our thoughts? Can we heal our body if we heal our emotions? Who are we? Is there factual proof? Our guest is Eva Herr. She’s going to help us look at those questions on consciousness. Eva is an extremely effective medical intuitive, a luminary author and a radio host. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions and shares their monthly educational teleconference. She also sat on the Steering Committee for the Human Health Project and is an avid advocate for holistic and alternative medicine. She, herself, has a weekly radio show called The Infinite Consciousness. She has interviewed some of the most brilliant minds of our time on these important and controversial issues. Eva is the author of the book, Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics. This book will teach you the irrefutable facts on the science of mind, intention, thought, the ability to change your life, your health and your reality. Welcome to the show, Eva.

Thank you, Dr. Ross, for having me on your show. It’s my pleasure to be here.

I wanted to start out by talking about something you mentioned in your book, which you wrote a whole other book on. That’s how a dark night of the soul in your own life led to a personal transformation. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

To be honest, I wasn’t a very nice person growing up. I’m not trying to brag or anything like that. This is not who I am now. I’m just telling you facts. I was a beautiful woman. I was vain. I was probably a narcissist. If you didn’t have something that was of interest to me, I don’t have any use for you. I didn’t care about you. Something bad happened to me. I had a dark night of the soul. I had a mother who was quite crazy. That’s the reason the way I was. She kidnapped my child for a year. I got pregnant and my father died. She caused me to lose my job by calling my boss all the time, 50 times a day. When something like that happens, it will put your nose on the pavement. This sounds crazy but you know how when you get an idea, you hear it but it’s a silent voice? It was like that. I had to hear, “Be still and listen.” I think back to myself, “Listen to who? Listen to what?” That went on for quite some time. Hillary Clinton got my son back for me. After about nine months, it was a very complicated thing. Shortly after she got him back, maybe six months or so I went to bed one night. I was a litigation paralegal. I did medical malpractice and I contracted out. I was working hard getting ready for a trial. I went to bed one night and it was in the spring. It was too cold for the air conditioner but too hot for the heat. All of a sudden, my father was standing there. He died in the midst of when this happened. I grew up Southern Baptist and then I converted to Conservative Jew. My family ostracized me.

You were asleep when this happened? Asleep when you started to have the visions or dreams of a new way to be?

I know that I could hear the fan going. I know that I was conscious. I was aware, but I don’t know if it was real. I don’t know if that was a dream. All I know is that it changed my life. I said, “What are you doing here? You’re dead.” He said, “Sometimes when you have something to say, God will let you come back. I didn’t get to say that I love you.” The next incident, I was on the other side and I learned a lot. I’ve compared it with other people, specifically Dannion Brinkley and some other people that have had a dark night of the soul and have had these type experiences. We all see the same thing.

What did you see? Can you tell us?

The first thing I saw, it was like blinking my eyes and being on the other side. I was standing with my father in front of what looked like a corporate organizational chart. He was pointing and saying, “I didn’t raise you right.” I said, “What do you mean?” Remember at that point in time, there was no language for this. He had to describe it in the best way that he could so that I could understand. He points and he said, “There’s no burning hell unless you think there is. You start out down here on the bottom in the mail room. Every time you learn a life lesson, you bump up a notch.” The goal of the soul is for you to be on the top and reach the understanding of non-duality. We are all one. There’s only one energy and that’s what God is. There’s no supreme being sitting there. There is an energy. That’s the goal of the soul to grow. Instantaneously, I looked over my shoulder and I used to describe it as a piece of plexiglass.

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I understand it was a positive and negative pull of an energetic field butting up against one another. On one side, there was light. On one side, there was just black void, nothing. Not even a star or a pinpoint, nothing. It was like dry ice cold. It was so cold that it was hot. There was one soul pressed up against this barrier. Why one soul? I don’t have a clue. Was it the only one? I don’t know. What I do know is that I could feel it. If you’ve ever known anybody that’s hit rock bottom, like if you’ve had an addiction problem or are suicide issues, it felt like that feeling a billion times. I understood. We communicated but we didn’t have to talk. It was telepathically or knowing whatever you want to call it. I understood that the only reason that it was in the position that it was there was because it wanted to be in the light. It got what it wants. It creates. If I wanted to be on the light, all I have to do is think. I’m there and I would have been there. It didn’t get that.

How did this change you, Eva? How did your life change after this experience?

The next morning when I woke up, I was in bliss. It lasted for about six months. Everybody thought I was crazy. I checked into Charter Peachford place. I, too, thought I was crazy. I don’t know where it came from. I felt like I was walking about six inches off the ground. I understand and here’s a linguistics problem that my energy or my field, my resonance or whatever was faster. It made me feel lighter. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

That’s clear enough.

CCR 21 | Healing Through Consciousness

Healing Through Consciousness: If you’re an active seeker, you have more likelihood of having that chance of transformation.


It lasted about six months. I woke up the next morning with the ability of medical intuition. It took me about ten years to understand how to use that ability and to be accurate at it. I said to the guy, “I didn’t want this. You forced it on me. I’m in litigation. I’m very black and white.” I have a fear of being humiliated because we’re so fact-driven. All of a sudden, this ability of how to calibrate whether I’m right or wrong just appeared. Bill Tiller’s the one that helped me with what it was. It was a calibration mechanism. Once I learned how to do it, if I tell you that I can read you, we both know it in the first five minutes. That’s how I knew that I can. I have about a 95% accuracy rate.

Tell me a little bit about your medical intuitive work. How have you been using it? Can you give us an example of something that shows how this works?

I hear auditorily and I don’t know why. I get it and this is the way. I just do. I had it the next morning when I woke up. When I say I hear auditorily, what I mean is when you get an idea, you hear it. You hear this silent voice in your head. You have to learn how to distinguish that silent voice from non-chatter. One of the things that I learned was that mind chatter runs across my forehead horizontally, like a ticker tape at the stock market. You know that little thing that goes across? It runs across like that. Consciousness or pure information that I know that I can rely on, it just drops in all in one blurb in the top of my head.

Would it be possible for you to give an example of something that you read on a person that was later validated?

Yes, I can do that. In fact, there is a lot of these things. You probably know Eldon Taylor. He has a radio show on Hay House. I’ve been telling them for years, “Why don’t you let me do this for you, Eldon.” He had some issues. I have to read from a completely clean slate. If I know anything about you, then I decline to read you. I can make that stuff in my head and I don’t know it. I read for Eldon. I prefer to do it on the phone so that I can’t see you and make judgment calls about what your eyes look like, your skin color, your weight distribution or anything. I told Eldon that he had arrhythmias.

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Abnormal rhythms of the heart.

I told him that the reason that he had these arrhythmias was because he was deficient in magnesium. This is one of the things. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do a complete reading. This was one of the things. He was such a skeptic. I said, “Then you’ll know that I’m telling the truth.” This is the way I calibrate. It’s a stupid way, but it is what it is and it works. “You’ve had roses within the past three days. How would I know that you had roses in the last two or three days if I didn’t know this other thing too?” At first he said, “No, I don’t have any roses. This is winter and we’re at Washington or Oregon,” or wherever it is that he lives. I have not had any roses growing. I said, “You don’t have them growing. Roses don’t exist because everything is thought. They have to have crossed your mind.” He went, “I called this morning and ordered some roses for my wife.” He wrote a letter. It’s from my webpage. You can read it. There are a lot of letters from people talking about how they’ve been diagnosed. The thing about it is I’m not a medical doctor. I’m just a woman. I don’t diagnose and I don’t treat. I tell you things that I hear. I tell you symptoms I hear that you are having. You either have them or you don’t. If you have them, then you know that you need to go to the doctor and get them looked at.

You’re saying a 95% success rate, that’s pretty high.

If I get that stupid question right, then I know that I can rely on it. I only do it three times. I don’t even like to do that. I give the people a benefit of the doubt that maybe they don’t remember something.

We were talking about your dark night of the soul, the transformation that resulted from that. Also, how that led to your becoming a medical intuitive. I wanted to ask you from your experience and also from all the experts you’ve interviewed, can these experiences of transformation be made by a person? Is it just the luck of the draw?

First, I remember that I needed to answer a question you asked me before. How did it change me? It changed me from being, “Me, me, me,” to “What can I do for you? How can I help your life?” Consciousness or spiritual enlightenment comes in three different forms. You’re either born with it, which many of the children are now, or you grow in gradients. You’re what I call active seekers. You go to all the conferences. You read all the book. You try to follow the gurus, the teachers or blink your eyes and it happens. It happened to Edgar Mitchell when he was coming back from the moon. When he saw the Earth from a distance the size of a marble, everything he knew was on that marble. Something happened and he suddenly was awake. That’s why he started Noetic Sciences. Noetic is knowing. You can’t make it happen, but you can encourage it to happen by spending more time in silence. Consciousness, that’s my word for God. I use it because I don’t like to step on anybody’s religious toes. I just use a generic word for God, Higher Power or whatever irreducible unit whatever you want to call it. That consciousness talks to everybody. We are that thing because there is no mass on the quantum level. That doesn’t matter what anybody thinks anymore. This is a proven fact. If there is no matter on the quantum level, then what separates us from anything else, nothing. We are that thing.

You’re saying that if you’re an active seeker, you have more likelihood of having that transformation if you spend more time in silence?

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Being an active seeker and walking your talk are two different things. You get all the lectures, conferences and read all the books that you want to do but unless you spend the time in silence, you can’t hear two people. Your mind chatter and consciousness in this instance at the same time.

I heard you refer in some ways to consciousness as information. Is that what it is for us? Is it meant to be information?

What is consciousness? It’s to understand that one thing is a very important aspect of my book. The thing that started that book. When I had my enlightenment, it makes you feel that you’re suddenly in bliss. You have all the information the world ever needs and all the answers. You go out and tell everybody. You’re everybody’s ears out. I was standing in the grocery store one day. I was blabbering about it. I was talking to a man and he turned out to be a medical doctor. What is your definition of consciousness? Thinking he would say the same thing that I did, he looked at me like I was an idiot. He said, “It’s the opposite of being in a coma.” I went, “No wonder there’s this problem in science and we can’t have a quantum leap.” There are all these scientists using this one-word consciousness, but they don’t all have a meaning and knows about what it means. I had a friend that was a physicist who worked on the Apollo project with Von Braun for NASA. He was also enlightened. He had the language. He helped me put these sentences together. Sentences that scientists couldn’t argue with.

CCR 21 | Healing Through Consciousness

Healing Through Consciousness: We need to stop fighting about what consciousness means and focus instead on what consciousness does.


These aren’t all people that the public may know of but they are people who are very well-educated, professors in physics or people who are known in the consciousness field. You interviewed them for your book. What did you learn from them through these interviews?

I tried to interview the best in the world like the Dean of the Engineering Department at Stanford, the Chairman of the Physics Department at Princeton. I tried to get the best. What I learned was Amit Goswami said it best, “Eva, I didn’t know this problem was going on with this word.” As long as we’re all having a conflict where one person defines the word as an irreducible unit, one person defines it as awareness, one says a zero-point field, one person says aware of being aware. It’s just this big confusion. We realized that as long as that existed, we’re not going to have a quantum leap in science. We’re going to have this fight about whether we live in a virtual reality, which we do. If we do, can we use thought to create it and to manipulate it? You have talk about free will.

Eva, I’m looking at your book and all of these great people that you talked to. Did anything change for you having the conversations with the best of the best?


It was more your way of getting the message out?

Yes. I care, Carolyn. If people were to realize that there is no matter on the quantum of us, they get that. If they accept that two plus two is four, they have to accept it. They accept that there’s no matter. That means there’s only one thing. With a potential like this, we get to have instantaneous peace. That’s a big deal.

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Were there any differences? It seemed like different people you interviewed themselves had some different ways of describing consciousness.

Yes, that’s a big problem. Every one of them thought of it as different. I put this book together and then I started sending it to all of them. All I did was interview them. Since I own the rights to my interviews, some of them didn’t even know I was going to do this. After I got through doing it, I sent them their chapter and said, “Here’s your chapter that’s about to go into a book. If there’s something wrong with it, you better fix it. I’m not changing a word.” They did. They started fixing things and then they started writing to me or calling me, “I didn’t even know this person existed.” I won’t use names. This one scientist said, “I didn’t know this other scientist existed. I had no idea he was doing this work in consciousness, which is a major work.” I wish I could tell you, but I don’t want to embarrass anybody. It brought to their attention that other things are happening.

Outside of what they were doing themselves.

It made them realize, “We need to look at this whole thing. We need to stop fighting about what this word means and decide what does this word do.”

Let’s look at the question, can we change our reality with thought? What’s been your experience with that? How do you work with that?

I’d like to start with a little story. Imagine that you’re a two-year-old sitting in the back seat. You’re strapped in a car seat with a little yellow steering wheel. You think that you’re driving that car, but a Source, God, Jesus, Veda, your mom or whoever you want to say, a Higher Power is driving the car. You get up to the four-way stop and you say, “I’m going to the playground.” The playground is on the right and the grocery store is on the left. The Source says, “No, we’re going to the grocery store now.” Here is your mechanism of free will because people argue about this all the time, “I have complete free will. I can do anything that I want.” It’s just some linguistics problem. Your steering wheel, that yellow one is not going to work. Your free will is you accept it and say, “I’m not going to the playground now. I’m going on another day. I’m going to the grocery store now.” That’s your free will. If you try to fight it, it’s like a salmon swimming upstream. They can’t just sit, start screaming and kicking the back of the seats. You will have a consequence. Energy doesn’t stop, it just changes forms. Suddenly, you’ve gone from being a peaceful little child thinking you’re driving the car to this raging lunatic. That’s putting out negative energy. Energy doesn’t stop. It just changes form. Energetically, what goes around comes around. There is a higher power. Here’s the million-dollar question. Where did the original intention come from? Who knows? It’s just a fact that there was one.

We can’t change our reality is what I hear you say.

At Princeton, there were a lot of experiments with the ping-pong balls dropping down into the plexiglass with the wooden pegs hammered into a shape of a bell shape curve. Can you picture that? A wooden board with maybe a thousand pegs hammered into the shape of a bell-shaped curve with a piece of plexiglass on the front. He would drop in 10,000 ping-pong balls at a time. He would have one person to meditate in front of it, one person that can literally get into an altered state. By that, I mean lowest delta or high delta. This is a big argument among the scientists. If we can manipulate reality with thought, then why can’t the average person do it? It is because the average person doesn’t walk around in an altered state.

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What happened with the person who is meditating with the ping-pong balls? What happened there?

He would think all the balls fall to the left. That’s exactly what would happen. Usually, it drops 50/50 like on the lottery thing. Only five balls extra may fall to the left. If you did this experiment a thousand times and every time you do it five more ball falls to the left, then eventually they’re all going to get there. A lot of the hard-core scientists say, “Because it doesn’t all happen at one time, then it’s hearsay.”

It’s by chance.

They kept up with these numbers on a computer and eventually all the balls fell to the left.

We’re talking about can we change our reality with only thought or intention? I just wondered, Eva, if you could give an example? Especially those who are seekers trying to create lives for themselves that have more meaning in our culture now. How does what you know about consciousness give us information that will help us in that way?

There are a couple of other things. The first one on the list is you know what Etch A Sketch is? We have those when we’re little kids. When you first get it, it’s all clean and there’s nothing on it. Once you draw on it, there’s something there and it never goes away no matter how much you shake it. Visualization, we live in a virtual reality much like the games that our kids play. If you want to change your life and it’s within the realm of your possibilities, it’s just not going to happen because there is a higher power saying, “It’s not going to be this way,” or whatever reason. If it’s within your realm of possibilities, you visualize it.

How would you know if it is in your realm versus something that your Higher Power for whatever reason doesn’t want you to have happened?

Because the road to get to it is not clear. You can visualize it all day long. Everything is about heart coherence. When you feel it, there’s some conductivity going on. There’s something called magnetic monopoles that help make it happen. Synchronicities appear and you follow the synchronicities. If you don’t know what a synchronicity is, there is no such thing as coincidences. Synchronicities are a sequence of events that usually appear in threes. They happen to everybody, but everybody doesn’t pay attention. You follow the synchronicities. If something’s meant to happen in your life, you won’t know it. There will be some deep thing deep down in your soul that you always wanted to do and you’ve always had a passion about. That’s the goal of your soul to find that thing.

People will say, “I want to be rich.” What is rich? I’ll say, “My husband left me after my enlightenment years ago.” He has dual-citizenship here and in South Africa. Every November, we would go to South Africa and visit his family. He said, “I’m going to go visit my family and I’ll be back in two weeks.” We have three kids. He took everything we had, every cent on the bank account. He had a one-year-old and I can’t remember if he has with five or six. He left them and never came back to see them again and sent them nothing. I live in this big six-bedroom house and the power bill is $800 a month. I sat literally and visualized. I didn’t panic. I just went, “This happened. This is it.” I can’t do anything about it but accept it. I visualized, not one time that I ever missed a house payment or missed a utility payment. It just came.

CCR 21 | Healing Through Consciousness

Healing Through Consciousness: Seekers are trying to create lives for themselves that have more meaning.


Specifically, you’re saying you would visualize making those payments?

Yes, but it may not come until that day that it’s due. I had a massive heart attack and the weirdest thing happened. I would go to this one doctor here where I live and get glutathione drip. I was supposed to go on a Monday. They called me up on Monday and say, “Eva, we’re getting a new billing system. Can you come in on Friday because it’s hectic?” I was like, “I’ll see you on Friday.” Friday, they called and said, “Eva, it’s so hectic. Can you come in on Monday?” I went, “Monday’s Labor Day. Are you sure you want to do that?” They were like, “Yes, he’s making us work.” I said, “See you on Monday.” They called me back later and said, “He’s letting us off. Can you come in on Tuesday at 9:00?” Normally I have a either an 11:00 appointment or 1:30 appointment. I’m not a morning person but I just said, “I’ll be there at 9:00.” I get there at 9:00 and while I was in the office, I wasn’t even supposed to see him.

I was seeing his nurse. He just puts a drip in me and then I walk out. He saw me and he came in. He said, “How are you?” I went, “I don’t feel good.” He took my pulse because he does all kinds of different medicines. While I was in this office at 9:10, I started having a massive heart attack. What is the likelihood? What if I said, “I’m not a morning person. I want my 11:30 or my 1:30 or whatever,” but I said, “Okay.” Saying okay for what is in front of your face. If you’re fighting with your spouse, something’s happening. Don’t continue the fight, laugh. Hug the person out of nowhere and it will stop. If you’re trying to get a spouse, visualize a partner. Visualize what you want that person to look like and what kind of clothes. Feel it. My friend used to cut out pictures and put them on a poster board and it would happen. She’d meet the person in the exact same clothes, she’d be in the exact same clothes at whatever she’d cut out. Visualization, if you feel it, is a powerful tool.

How does the concept of free will apply to things like addictions, people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?

I went through that with my daughter. When my husband left, she was eleven and she got raped by one of my son’s friend. A few years later when she was fifteen, she got raped by a gang at gunpoint for six hours. She didn’t tell anybody. She was the perfect kid, the honor roll student, number one on her tennis team. She was a good kid but she didn’t tell anybody. She started using drugs to self-medicate and got it bad. I found her dead in her bed. We put her in hospitals for nine months and nothing. All they did was put her on pills. We finally moved up here to the Appalachians, down a dirt road in the middle of the woods. She said, “I am going to heal.” Every day we would go back on that property and sit on this big rock. We would visualize her being healed because she started self-mutilating too really bad. We changed her diet and we did a lot of things. In six months, we healed her. I believed that was just something that was one of her life lessons. She chose before she came here. How do you know love if you don’t know what love is? How do you know what it is to be violated without being violated? Those are your classes. My perspective, who am I to even say this to them? It’s the way I perceive it.

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We choose our lessons before we get here. If we’re an old soul, it’s not good or bad to be an old soul. It’s like the difference between being five and 50. You choose the lessons. You either decide to take the PhD Physics class or you take Physics in kindergarten. You have to choose the class for what you want to learn how to do. Jessica, my daughter, wanted to learn how to be a teacher for other teens, how to evolve the world because she’s coming around behind my footsteps. How does she learn that if she doesn’t have the negative experience to say, “I made it through it. I’ve been there?”

That’s a very empowering way to look at what happened to her. Many people would have experiences like that and feel more like a victim.

All I can say is she was open. Why she was open? I don’t know. She wants to help other kids. Remember I told you before, you’ll know what you’re supposed to do because you feel it in your gut. It’s what she felt in her gut.

That’s an example of what you said about so many of the kids coming now into the world, who are coming in with an enlightened spirit.

That’s another thing. My son, he’s twelve, sees the world in dots. I never knew this until 2013 or 2014. It was weird how he found out. He sees the hologram. When he would tell me that thing, a typical parent would think their kid was nuts.

Psychotic, seeing delusions.

I didn’t do that. If you have a child that’s open or telling you things, don’t think they’re crazy.

I want to recommend to all of my audience to get Eva’s book, Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics. Thanks for being on this show, Eva. If anyone wants more information about her, go to her website Thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Ross.

I want to thank my audience. Until then, I wish you good health and vitality.

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Eva is based in Georgia, and does private mentoring and counseling, and occasionally travels to conduct lectures.

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