There is a code that is much like the genetic code in your DNA that may make you more prone to being overweight, for example, because it’s in your genes.  However this code is the code of your soul or spirit. It is what makes us have a passion to do something with our lives.  It’s the part of us that keeps us going even though life may seem like being on the open sea during an endless storm.  It is also our map for life, our compass.   It is what makes you want to become a mother.  It’s the code that pulls you towards a career in teaching or medicine or law.  This soul code may direct you to climb mountains or work to help the homeless.  It’s the part of you that helps you soar to greater heights.  It is the healthy part of you – the part that wants to see you recover and move on with your life.It doesn’t have to make you aspire to anything loftier than being a good daughter, being grateful to your parents or being kind to a stranger.
Right now, much of your soul code may be buried under the weight and burden of your addictions, depression, or eating disorder.  Even though you may have achieved some of the goals you set for yourself, the deck will always be stacked against your experiencing true happiness and joy in whatever you do while you have so much of your focus on what you have to do to service your eating disorder.  If you continue to pursue your recovery, you will find that what you have considered to be your best or your happiest times do not compare to what your life holds in store for you when you can find and live from your soul’s purpose.  You may even find that all the unhealthy ways you live are your way of trying not to live up to what your soul has in store for you.  Perhaps you are afraid of what you would have to do to do this – be it become more responsible, start growing up or no longer being able to escape from your life whenever you want to.  ?If you’re searching for something to help you turn your life around, look inside yourself for the compass that can direct you to your soul’s true purpose.