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In this fast-paced day and age, it has become easy to forget living your truth. What we see is the reality we believed to be as the truth in our lives. We stop poking around ourselves thinking that all we have and all we are is right in front of us. Intuitive Warrior Amir Zoghi says that there is a difference between the truth and the reality. Amir is an international leader and speaker in the area of intuition, self-awareness, and human potential. He says living your truth takes a deeper dive within yourself and going past the physical. He talks about the law of attraction and the misconception surrounding that. He also touches on how others tend to leave it up to the universe to allow things to happen that they forget to show up 100%, and wonder at the end why things don’t manifest. Amir says all of these ultimately boil down to living your truth as he takes you on a journey of self-reflection.

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Showing Up And Living Your Truth with Amir Zoghi

My special guest is Amir Zoghi. He is an international leader and speaker in the area of self-awareness and human potential. This is his second appearance on the show. Amir’s modern age philosophes ring with the truth within his inspired audiences. He is a natural intuitive sharing his wisdom through his writings, teachings and speaking his voice on the stages of the world. He’s a master of channeling a message that is deep and profound and delivering it with absolute simplicity and clarity for anyone to relate with. Welcome to the show, Amir.

Thank you, Carolyn. Thank you very much for having me. I’m so honored to be here the second time around.

We are going to be talking about living your truth. You talk a lot about the Law of Attraction and what that means. What does it mean to you when you speak to people about creating their own lives?

I don’t exactly talk about the Law of Attraction but what I do talk about is manifesting or creating. I feel that you truly are one with everything. When everything is one with everything, then that means anything that you ever want to create is already created. When we’re one with everything, we are one energy. Within this energy, everything that you feel, that you want in your life is already there. You wouldn’t have felt it if it’s not already there. That form of energy you are allowing that to be manifested into physical form.

Is it a matter of giving permission for those things to come into your life?

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Let’s call it permission. I like to call it space. It’s giving space for that but the main point here, the keyword is allowing. It’s allowing giving yourself permission or allowing it to happen. It’s not saying that you’re making it happen. When you’re manifesting things with the truth of who you are, things unfold before you. All my manifestations when I’m manifesting what’s true to me, they come to me. I don’t need to search for it. I don’t need to make it happen but I’m playing the game of being small and playing the game of being this body and this identity, then I need to make things happen. I need to work hard and there is a cause and effect role that we play. We’re playing in the game of duality and dualism. The truth of who you are coming from oneness where everything is one and everything that ever was and everything that ever will be is coming from that one energy in that one moment.

What you’re saying is super-duper important because people have been talking about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, creating what you want in your life. Most people who hear that interpret that to mean that they have to work harder and that’s daunting because it seems we’re all working hard already. What you’re saying is almost like not working at all at it.

I’ll tell you what I truly feel about the Law of Attraction. I feel the Law of Attraction, that whole idea that whole philosophy has opened up an archway with people becoming more conscious. People are becoming understanding of something that we are energetic beings, that we attract things into our lives. This has created an archway for people to open their mind. Until you open your heart, you do not understand what the Law of Attraction is. The thing is once you truly open your heart to who you are, the Law of Attraction becomes irrelevant. To be straight out, the Law of Attraction is something that the ego is using. It’s looking at what I need to have in my life to make me feel happier because I’m unhappy with who I am and I am feeling empty within myself. If you connect with the truth of who you are, you are not feeling unhappy, you are feeling fulfilled and you’ll full within yourself. You are happy for no reason.

From that space, anything that you feel you have love for as long as you continue to stay with that feeling you allow that to manifest from a formless energy to manifest into physical form. You don’t need to create. You do not need to manifest. You’re allowing the manifestations to happen through you. I see this whole game that people fall into. They’re trying to create their reality. They get excited and go, “Look what I created. I created a parking spot. Look what I created. I created a check to come in the mail,” but then when they both create a parking spot or when they create a bill to come in the mail, they’re like, “I didn’t want that. I didn’t create that.” If you want to understand that we create our whole reality, you embrace the whole thing. The Law of Attraction is something that plays a lot like the ego. It’s not a bad thing. All I’m saying is that it’s a surface level of what is the truth.

It is in Buddhism, but I could be wrong that they talk about how we can get attached to having positive things in our lives and the positive is no different than the negative. Is that the same as what you’re saying? When we are opening our hearts to who we are, one of the things that your sister gave me was if we believed this, then we believed that everything that happens in our life is something that we have created, whether it be “good or bad.”

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: If you connect with the truth of who you are, even when you are still unfulfilled and fall within yourself, you will be happy for no reason.


The truth is there is no good or bad. What you have labeled as positive or negative is according to your own judgment and perception. Everything that we’re manifesting, everything that is being created is being created from this one place. This energy that is creating through us is manifesting an energy of love. What you label that will then determine your experience of what’s being manifested. I can give you an example. Let’s say I’m a big sports fan. You go for the Denver Nuggets and I go for LA Lakers. You and I go to the basketball game. If the Denver Nuggets win, you’ll label that as a positive experience and you’ll give a positive experience to that experience. I would label it as a negative experience because I’m an LA Lakers fan. I’m a fanatic for the LA Lakers. I will label that experience as a negative experience and therefore have a negative experience.

If on the flip side the LA Lakers won, I will label that as a positive experience and you will label it as a negative experience. The experience of the event is neutral. It’s how we perceive or what judgments we place on the event that makes something positive or negative, good or bad. Look at something in the world. You look at terrorists, for example. We label terrorists as a negative thing and then you’re like, “How can you not? It’s a negative thing.” I’m not saying it is or is not, but I know there are people on the other side of the world who label it as a positive thing according to their beliefs, their judgments, and their perception. The perceptions and the beliefs that were created are all illusionary. They’re just appearances.

Who do you have to be as a person to not get caught up in that labeling? I know the second example you gave is not but the basketball, anybody could care or not care about. There are bigger things that people get attached to, the death of a loved one, a divorce, financial problems. Who do you have to be to not have those “bad experiences” ruin your life or make you have a bad day?

It’s one of the most difficult things to accomplish. The question is, who do you have to be? The answer is not who you are. Most people think who they are is the physical being. We’ve heard many times in many different spiritual texts that you’re a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are not this body. The idea of you being this body is what imprisons you in the reality of dualism, the reality of separation. The truth is you are experiencing yourself through dualism. You’re experiencing yourself through the physical world but nothing in the physical world is who you are. It appears to be who you are. It appears to be related to you. I’ll give you an example. I live in Bondi Beach in Sydney. I live over the water on a cliff. At night time you can’t see anything in the ocean. It’s completely dark. When the moon is out, the whole ocean lights up. I could easily look at the moon and go, “How powerful is the moon. How much light does the moon have?” then that’s not the truth. That’s the appearance. The truth is it’s the sun that’s shining its light onto the moon and making the moon bright.

What I’m trying to say is that we live in a world of appearance. We are living in the world of materialism, in dualism. We have fallen for that to be the truth. That’s not the truth. Maybe reality but in actuality who you truly are is the sun that is shining its light. It’s the sun that is creating this. It’s not easy what I’m about to say. If you want to transcend your limitations, you must transcend the limitations of who you think you are. This is not who you are. You’ve heard it many times. If you know this is not who you are, there is no such thing as death. That’s an appearance. It’s a reality that you are experiencing in your physical being but that is not who you are. People can connect to this truth of what I’m saying only within themselves, not in the physical world, not in the physical appearance. Within the physical appearance, you cannot find this truth. You can only find this truth within yourself. What I’m saying to you will resonate at a part within yourself. You will feel it and you’ll feel as though you already know it. It feels true.

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It’s a feeling of coming home to something that is a deeper knowledge that we don’t tap into on a day-to-day basis.

The trick or the art is to tap into that on a day-to-day basis. If you can tap into that on a day-to-day basis, then you will see your appearances not for what they appear to be but for the truth of what they are. You will look around you and you will see other bodies, other people not for the bodies but for what’s behind those bodies, behind the mask. What you’re looking for and what people are seeking for within this world is right in front of us. It’s underneath their breath. It’s within their breath. It’s within the physical. They haven’t found it within themselves. They see the physical as the physical, but the physical is non-physical. That physical that you’re seeing is an appearance. What’s true there is that energy. It’s the same energy that’s within you and it’s one energy. For the appearance of someone being bad or good or right or wrong, it’s all a big play that’s being played out.

It’s all a play of the ego. That whole dualism comes from the ego.

I would say either manifesting our hell on Earth or we’re manifesting our heaven on Earth. This one is unconscious. They are manifesting their hell on earth and they are imprisoned in the idea of dualism. Everything is separate. Ego’s not a bad thing. You give lots of egos. The truth is ego doesn’t even exist. That’s the truth. You are creating this idea of having an ego because it tries to keep you safe in the world of dualism, in the world of duality.

I have a special guest, Amir Zoghi. He’s one of the key contributors to the film the Leap! Movie, which explores the meaning and purpose of life by questioning reality. He puts on a lot of workshops and events around the country under Be Free Events. I wanted to make sure we give the website address for those events Amir.

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: Within the physical appearance, you cannot find the truth.


I run an event called The Intuitive Warrior. We have a special page set up for that, which is

I wanted to go back a little bit to talk about one of the things that you say is that others leave it up to the universe in allowing things to happen but then they forget to show up 100% and wonder why things don’t manifest. What do you mean by showing up 100%?

We always fall into this pattern where we think, “I’ve got to do something,” and you’re almost choking yourself and you try to make it happen. You get into this real, “I’ve got to be spiritual. I’ve got to let it go. I’ve got to let it happen,” but then you don’t show up to allow it to happen. The universe is always showing up and it was always manifesting what you love to manifest. The fact that you still allowed to manifest something means it’s already done. You allow it to manifest through you. The problem is most people don’t show up. They still kick back and they kick back in the bums and then they’re thinking, “I’ve got to let it come to me,” but it will come to you and it will come through you to the energy of what you feel moved to do. You’ve still got to show up and do what you’re still moved to do. You’ve still got to make the decision in every single moment to continue to show up. Most people will use this spiritual teaching or this universal teaching as a way to avoid it. They’re like, “Amir said the universe will show up. Amir said you’ve got to allow it to happen and so many people are saying that. I’m going to sit back and let it happen to me.” That’s denial. It will show up. It will unfold within your circumstances but more importantly, it unfolds through you. You’ve got to continue to do the things that you feel moved to do. You’ve got to continue to decide to continue to do the things that you feel moved to do. Not to go, “I feel moved to do this but I’m going to sit here and wait for it.”

If you want a new job, if my big dream is to have my own TV show. You’re saying it’s not just about having an affirmation, praying on it or meditating on it. You have to take the actual physical steps to do that thing.

The only part of you that needs an affirmation and that needs to think about it over and over again is the small part of you. The grand part of you is one energy that I’m talking about. Why would it need to affirm something? It’s infinite. Why does it need to think about it all the time? It’s already done. It’s the ego that plays the role of, “I need to visualize it. I need to think about it. I feel it. Once I feel it, I make a decision to follow the feeling at the moment.” What I’m talking about is making a decision. Let’s talk about what making a decision is. There is a wholehearted decision which manifests through you or there are halfhearted decisions. Halfhearted decisions are simple. It’s when you can feel something in your heart but then you’re looking for logical reasons why you should make that decision. You make the decision half-heart, half-head. The wholehearted decision does not care about why you should do this. It’s doing it because it loves to.

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If you ever ask somebody, “Why do you do this?” and if it’s true what they love they go, “I just love it,” because it helps to put food on the table. There is no agenda, “It makes me famous,” although it does that, the attention is not on that. The attention is, “I love it.” You know you’ve made a wholehearted decision. Let’s say you’ve got option A and option B. Your heart says option A. If you’ve made a wholehearted decision on something, let’s say you wanted option A. When you made a wholehearted decision of option A, option B would no longer exist. You know it no longer exists because you no longer think about it. If you’ve made a decision and you’re still thinking about option B, let me assure you that you haven’t made a wholehearted decision yet. If your head is still taking up space and going, “Is that the right thing? Let’s go do the other thing,” that’s a half-hearted decision and probably won’t manifest.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that sometimes makes these halfhearted decisions but sometimes for many of us what gets in the way are the “necessities of life.” If I decide that I’m going to up and move to Australia and start a new speaking career, then how do I support myself? Is that something that’s still the small part of me that’s making those kinds of thoughts?

Yes, absolutely. What greater necessity is out there besides your own breath? You’re breathing. Take a breath. You’re breathing. There is nothing more important than your breath because as soon as your breath is gone, your life is gone. You’re not sitting there every day thinking about where your next breath is going to come from. When you realize the truth of who you are, it’s not that the necessities are not important. That’s falling into denial. I’m not saying it’s not important. Money’s important. Placing your attention on the money will take you away from the truth of who you are. It’s the small you, the ego that places it on the money. If you don’t want money, the small you is trying to make a plan on how to make my manifestations happen. I need money. You’ve got to be one with your manifestation.

If you, for example, wanted to go to Australia, the fact that you had the feeling of going to Australia means that it’s already manifested. It’s already done. You would not have felt it in your heart unless it was manifested, unless it was possible. You’ve got to know one thing. It’s possible you cannot feel something unless it was possible. Once you feel that, it’s about allowing that to happen. You’ve got to stay one with that feeling. You can get to make a wholehearted decision that, “I’m going to Australia,” or a wholehearted decision that, “I’m going to have my own TV show.” Do not worry about what’s in the middle. What’s in the middle is the how. You’ve got to stay with the why.

How do you show up 100% in the middle after you make that wholehearted decision? What are the ways in which you need to show up in order for that to happen?

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: There is nothing more important than your breath right now because as soon as your breath is gone, your life is gone.


In every moment, you continue to trust your feelings and continue to do what you still move to do. I have a vision of love and inspiration to bring change into our world not because there’s anything wrong with the world. I do not have any judgment with all the things that are taking place in this world. I still move and I feel love to bring change into people and bring change into the world as one. That’s a big thing to feel. If I was to think to myself, “How am I going to do that?” I will scare myself out of it, drive myself crazy and make halfhearted decisions. I am not interested in how that’s going to happen. I’m interested in this moment and what I still move to do at this moment. My attention is not in the future. It’s not in the outcome and it’s not in the result. My attention is at this moment. At this moment, I feel to come to Los Angeles. I’m here in Los Angeles talking with you at this moment. If I feel inspired to speak with you, I was inspired to speak with you and beyond Australia. If I’m doing it with an agenda, I’ll take my stuff away and I’ll do it.

Everything you’re saying is important but one thing that I didn’t even think about is that if it’s already in your heart. If it already comes up in your heart, then that’s it. You don’t have to figure it out and think about it. If it’s there in your heart, it exists and it is there for you to have.

When you know who your heart is then it makes logical sense as well. Who is your heart? Number one, it speaks one language and that language is the language of love. What do we know about love? Love only knows possibility. It does not know that’s not possible, it only seems to know that. Love cannot see, cannot understand what’s not possible. The moment you feel your heart speaking to you and it speaks to you in the language of your possibilities. When we talk about how to get the intuition, the moment you feel it then that’s possible. The problem is once you feel what comes out of your heart, most people then go to the head and go, “How am I going to make this happen? I’m going to do this.” It’s already happening. All you’ve got to do is allow it to continue to connect with that feeling and in every moment, let that feeling move you. You’re allowing it to move you.

That’s what is commonly known as being the experience of the flow or in sporting terms, they call it the zone, “He’s in the zone.” What is that? When someone is in the flow or in the zone, things become effortless because it’s no longer them, it’s that energy, that love that is moving them. That energy and that love are infinite. When you know who your heart is and you know your heart is an infinite energy, how can it not be possible? Your logical mind will go, “That’s not possible,” because your logical mind has got all these references of, “It’s not possible,” because it goes into the past. It goes into the future and goes, “What if this happened? Go out and find out.” In the past, I found my neighbor and he talks you out of it.

“Something happened to me when I tried this before and it didn’t work,” and all of those things.

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It didn’t work before because it wasn’t meant to work because you weren’t in your head somehow.

We’re talking about living our truth. I was listening to an interview with Lady Gaga who I know nothing about. It was one of the Oprah shows on her new network. It was a moving story about a song that she put out. I don’t remember the name of the song. The whole purpose of the song was talking about being who you are and accepting yourself completely as you are. How that song had hit such a chord across the world in people. It seems so simple and yet we’re seeing so much in the world where people are not feeling they could be who they are. Kids who are gay and who feel bullied or people who are overweight or obese and they’re getting picked on. It seems as if there is that deep longing. Yet our society is a place where kindness seems to be a virtue of the past. What do you think about that?

It’s probably the greatest longing that people have is to be themselves. I remember once being in an event and watching the speaker on stage. I enjoyed the speaker not because of what he has to say but because I felt he was being himself on stage and didn’t have to wear a mask, put the script on or do a performance. I remember sitting there and he was asking the audience, “What does success mean to you?” Right there, I felt if you said, “Success is happiness,” and I said, “I will feel successful and I will feel happy if I can be myself.” I’m tired of being this person inside of this group or being that person in front of that group. It keeps seriously changing and changing my mask after when it’s tiring. It’s aging. The greatest anti-aging insensible program is being yourself because it makes you heavy. It ages you when you’re trying to be someone else. You always notice people will be themselves. They always look younger than their real age. I agree because the greatest longing that people have and whether they’re conscious of it or not. The moment they came to this world, they started to search for who they truly are. The moment they came to this world, they started to see that there is something missing.

They come from an energy of everything being one. They come into this body but that’s about the hand they go, “This is my hand.” They start to build the identity because I’m this body and you’re over there and I’m over here and so on. The more and more I speak around the world and I always ask people, “Do you feel that there’s something more?” and they feel as though there’s something missing and many people put their hands up. That is the greatest longing people have is to know who they truly are. As they say, know yourself and the truth will set you free. If you know the truth of who you are, then that truth will set you free. The idea of being you is the first step in knowing yourself. That’s why it feels norm to like, “I want to be myself,” but their heart is telling them, “Just be yourself.” How many times have you given advice to somebody and they’ve got an important occasion or they’re going on a date or something. You’re like, “Just be yourself.”

Do you think religion had a chance to do this and has failed us? Do you think religion was never on this plain? Religion or spirituality whatever you want to call it.

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: Our society is a place where kindness seems to be a virtue of the past.


I feel that who we are is a collective consciousness that we have become conscious. If you’re like consciousness is beginning to become conscious of itself especially this year. This is where this transformation is set to take place. As we become conscious of who we are, then we no longer need to go to a place to pray because we know that the truth is within us. We no longer need to go even to seminars to learn because the answers are within us. The first thing that I teach people within my seminars is how to take the path inwardly and get the intuition. The intuition to explore the ideas of who the truth of who they are because nobody can tell you what the truth is. I’m seeing my truth right now and I’m sure you can feel it, but the moment I speak about it you’re receiving a version of it. Until you go and find it within yourself, you will never be able to live it. I know lots of people who know this stuff but very few of those people who know this stuff can live it in their own lives and that’s sad.

I’ve worked with so many gurus, famous people and leaders in this field or that field who don’t live their own truths. It’s a stunning betrayal to stand in front of somebody else saying the truth and yet in your own life, you’re unable to live that.

It’s not their fault. It’s because they’ve learned it. They’ve read it in a book. They’ve learned it from the other guru. It’s been passed on to them. The truth cannot be learned. It can only be experienced for oneself. It cannot be taught to you. Someone who has learned the truth, they can speak about it but they won’t be able to live it themselves. You can always tell when someone’s on stage talking about the truth whether they live it or not. You can feel if they have learned things that they’ve done or if something they’re talking from direct experience. It is something that’s longing through. You can tell the different things about them.

Do you feel that there is a vast soul hunger in the world? I don’t know if it’s particular to the United States or since you speak all over. Do you see that as being a universal hunger that’s present in people? A need to connect to their soul?

Everyone is looking for a connection. The problem is before they were looking for connection externally and avoiding the connection that they’re looking for which is within themselves. Religion played a role in helping people find connection externally. Consciousness has become conscious of itself and less and less people feel the need of religion. You must still be within the religion but there is no need because you’ve done that within yourself. Back in the day, religion was required because people needed to have a connection with the faith. They were looking for that connection externally. People would say to me that the world’s such a terrible place, we’ve gone backward and we’re all killing ourselves. I’m telling them, “I don’t see that at all. We’re killing ourselves and we’re killing each other, but we’ve been doing that for centuries. We’ve been doing that back when we were cavemen.” It was the population was less so there was less killing. Now the population’s greater, there’s more killing. It’s not something that’s different. That’s been happening for a long time.

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What I have noticed that’s different, years ago you wouldn’t go walking in Santa Monica Beach or Bondi Beach and see people sitting there and meditating. See people there chanting different spiritual things, doing yoga or doing tai chi. You wouldn’t see that. If you saw that years ago you would think, “What’s wrong with them?” If you were reading a personal development book or reading a book on the Law of Attraction or something like that years ago, someone would look at you like, “You’re weird. You’ve got problems if you need to read a book like that.” I see that there’s a huge transformation. I see that we have expanded as a collective. We have expanded our space, our energy. We’re coming back around to home. Consciousness came here to lose itself so then it can find itself.

That’s the whole idea of playing this game of being born into this world. You’re born into a body, so you can lose yourself. Within that body find who you truly are and be alive within that body and experience yourself as an infinite being in a finite world. Before the Big Bang, there was only one infinite energy. If one infinite energy has manifest itself into billions of energies right now, 6.5 billion. Each one of those energies has had to lose itself before it could find itself. What happens when one energy finds itself and comes back home to the truth of who it is? It realizes it’s an infinite being, but it’s experiencing itself in a finite world. What happens when another one becomes conscious that it is an infinite being and is experiencing itself through its finite body? There are two infinite beings, before there was only one. In a lot of religious texts, they talk about the one is coming back. They say the one whether it’s Jesus, Muhammad, the Buddha, whatever it is. They always talk about the one is coming back and that is true. The one who’s coming back, that’s through the many. Every single one of us has come here to become the one. The one is coming to us.

All of those doomsday predictions are ridiculous then.

The only thing that’s doomed is your ego. The death of the world, December 21st, 2012 where they say the world as we know it ends. It’s the world as we know it. The world as we know it is a world that’s built from fear. It’s the world that’s built from ego. The ego begins to end. The ego begins to collapse. Everyone who has built their life or reality through fear or through ego, all those things will start to collapse. Until they find the truth of who they are and find the love in themselves, then they will cause suffering upon their lives and the family’s lives. You can already see this in the world. You see banking institutions and big organizations are crumbling. There’s a lot more to come.

I’m here with my special guest, Amir Zoghi. He has founded Be Free Events to promote self-realization and self-awareness and transform the world by expanding people’s consciousness. Amir, did you come into the world with this going on? Did you wake up in some particular way before you started doing all of this?

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: Within that body is who you truly are.


It all started when my mom put me it within my mind. I remember when I was younger, I was at school and everyone was talking about what religion they were. I didn’t know what my religion was. I felt left out and excluded. I ran home to my mom and said, “Mom, you never told me what’s my religion.” My mom looked at me and she goes, “Your religion’s love.” I said, “What’s that? Do I have to find someone to love?” She goes, “It’s not that kind of love. It’s a love that only you can find within yourself for yourself.” That put something within my mind and I was twelve years of age then. I started going and reading Buddhism. I read the Bible, the Quran and all these different religions. I was always searching from a young age.

I got involved in this personal development industry. I’ve been involved in the personal, spiritual awareness industry. I founded a company in Australia where I would be promoting speakers. I would work with promoting different speakers like Tony Robbins and John Demartini, Deepak and all those guys. I would go to all these different seminars and experience them. After years of doing that, I got to a point where my whole life was transformed. Before I had no money, I was on the verge of bankruptcy. Now I had money, a home, car and boat all that stuff. I was giving back to society, all those good stuffs but there was still something missing. I couldn’t get that. I was like, “Why is there still something missing? I’ve gone and accomplished all this and I still feel empty afterward.” That’s where my journey started and it was when I was 25, 26.

The workshops that you give, can you try to give us a little bit of an understanding of how it helps people to move from wherever they are? Where there is unhappiness to this place of love, love of yourself and full potential.

It was at that point that I realized that no matter how many seminars you go to, no matter how many books you read, you have to find it within yourself. That’s why I set out and I sold my company. I left the industry. I set out to find all this within myself. I did do that. Now I run programs and seminars helping people to take the part inwardly. One of the greatest things that people walk away from my programs is this. They never feel the need to go to another seminar again. They never feel the need to read another book. I haven’t personally read a book from a learning point of view or from a searching point of view. I’m grateful. I’m not saying reading a book is a bad thing, it’s a fantastic thing. For as long as you have the question and you don’t seek for the answer to that question outside of you, you will find the answer but with that answer comes another question.

Until you go and find the answer within yourself, you will get to a point of not knowing the answer to everything, but you’ll get to the point of having no more questions. That’s the only point you can arrive. The only place you can arrive in this, within this moment and within yourself. If you’re searching for it outside of you, I can promise you will never lie. That’s what all my programs are about. It’s about you becoming your own pyramid. You become your own temple. There’s a big difference between knowing the truth versus being the truth. You being your own truth, that’s where people were able to live this. Most people come to my seminars because they are tired of going to seminars. They are tired of knowing this. I get a lot of coaches and speakers that come to my seminar because they know this. Apart from knowing, they want to live it. They want to be it. These whole programs that I teach are all about how you can be it in a nutshell.

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Let me give the website for your intro workshop, As a leader in the human potential movement, what do you feel is the future for us as humans? Do you feel we have any potential left?

All we have is potential. I feel that more and more of us have come here to become that one energy. I spoke about the one journey. I feel that we are here to be our own prophets.

Do you see this in children? I’ve been seeing many examples of younger children who are doing phenomenal things that I had never heard of being done before, whether it is in business and giving back.

Yes, to that question. I see this in children a lot. As we are reincarnating as a collective, we are coming back more and more conscious. You look at older generations it was all about building security. It was all about the future. You look at the Y Generation, they’re all living for the now. The older generation is looking at them going, “You’ve got to think about the future. You’ve got to not be irresponsible,” they’re like, “I want to do what I love to do. I want to have fun. I want to live for the moment.” You look at the generation even before that, all these new children who are going to be born. These new children, they’re all going to be little prophets walking around in the future. I see that. You see that in newborn children. You see that in the younger generation. It’s the older generations that are trying to suppress the younger generations. They know they shouldn’t be living in the moment. They should be caring about the future. You should be thinking about them. What they love to do at the moment. It’s the older generation that’s suppressing those children and then they turn into partying, alcohol and drugs because there’s someone suppressing them.

Did your parents still want you to go to college? Did they put any pressure on you to follow that path?

CCR 6 | Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth: When you go and find the answer within yourself, you will get to a point of not knowing the answer to everything, then get to the point of having no more questions.


My parents put no pressure on me. My parents didn’t even give me a religion because they wanted me to decide myself. I didn’t go to college. I finished high school and went in straight to the business. I didn’t go to college. I understand in America it’s a huge big deal. I didn’t do that. All the things that I’m talking about are things that I felt through life.

They don’t teach this in college.

Not yet.

If you have children, would you care if your kids didn’t finish high school even or finish college?

One thing my mother taught me and my mom had to practice this with me because she loved me and she had five children herself. It is a big deal for her. She’s someone who loves their children. The one thing my mother taught me is that she said, “Amir, I’m never worried about the decisions you make and what you do. Do you want to know why?” I said, “Why?” She goes, “What’s in me, the same expanded one energy that’s inside of me is inside of you as well,” and I was like, “There you go.” A newborn baby is an infinite being and is manifesting parents to feed it, to love it and to care for it all to not because that’s the spirit you came to have.

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Whatever that experience is that baby’s particular own choice.

It’s that one energy. The baby is an infinite being. That baby is an infinite source.

Do you have anything you want to say to us?

I want to say that it’s been a pleasure to be part of this. This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you for your amazing questions. I love spreading this to people and bringing joy into people’s lives. The true joy I can find is the joy they find within themselves and in their own heart. That’s the greatest joy.

Thanks for inspiring us to look for that. I want to thank you, Amir, for being on the show again. I also want to thank the audience of our show. For more information on upcoming programs and seminars, you can go to my website at and sign up for the newsletter. Thanks again for reading the blog. Check us out on iTunes.

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