Fact #6 – Obesity is associated with a number of health risks.  When you got to most doctors, they will tell you that if you don’t reach your “ideal weight” you will get heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Your risk for heart attacks and certain cancers go up.  That’s not all there is to know about this topic. What they don’t tell you is Fact #6:  


  1. If you lose 10 pounds, you can lower your risk of heart disease.
  2. If you lose just 15 pounds, your symptoms of arthritis may improve.
  3. IF you lose 10% of your current weight, your blood pressure will go down.
  4. No matter what you weigh, if you eat a healthy diet, your risk of cancer will be lower – cancer risks are related to what you eat NOT what you weigh.


What your doctor won’t tell you is that if you are overweight but physically active, your health risks are lower than someone who is thin but not active (sedentary).


The most important part of this fact is learning how to lose even a small amount of weight and keep it off. 


How do you do this?   Keep reading…