So far, I’ve talked about Fact #1 – obesity is genetic and Fact #2 – exercise of 300 minutes per week is key to treating obesity. 

I’m sure most of you know the TV show – the Biggest Loser.   Although I object to the name, I think the show demonstrates Fact #2 – the amount of exercise to achieve desired results for an obese person is much more than for someone without that genetic risk.  If you haven’t been moving much of late, I always suggest you start by walking 5 minutes twice a day.  Add an additional 5 minutes every week to what you are doing.  Does this seem too slow??  Well it is.  The reason is that most people who are overweight are excellent at starting diets, exercise programs but have a hard time keeping it up.  WHY?  Well, because they usually start with super high expectations and then when they realize they can’t meet these, they give up.  Sound familiar?  Well, why not start the bar low and then go up from there?

Fact # 3 is that you have to eat more to lose weight.  More on this in the next blog.