Listen to Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross as she interviews Edward Abramson, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, Professor Emeritus at California State University, former Director of the Eating Disorders Center at Chico Community Hospital and author of It’s NOT Just Baby Fat!: 10 Steps to Help Your Child to a Healthy Weight.


Today’s Guest:

Dr. Edward Abramson is the author of four books including Body Intelligence and Emotional Eating. His fifth book, It’s NOT Just Baby Fat!: 10 Steps to Help Your Child to a Healthy Weight will be forthcoming in January. He’s published 20 scientific studies of obesity and eating disorders.

He has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs including 20/20, Hard Copy, and Joan Rivers. He is routinely quoted in publications including NY Times, Good Housekeeping, O, The Oprah Magazine, Washington Post, and Us Weekly. Ed is a Fellow of the Obesity Society and served on the Board of Directors of the California Psychological Association.

Dr. Abramson has lectured widely throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He is an engaging speaker who combines an extensive knowledge of research on eating issues with clinical insight gained from years of professional experience. Participants at his workshops have enjoyed his warm manner and relaxed sense of humor and come away with practical methods for helping their clients deal with their eating, weight, and body image problems.

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Website: Edward Abramson, Ph.D.