Are you a chronic relapser or yo-yo dieter?  Do you often reach your goal weight or get close only to find yourself throwing all your hard work away for a binge or because you just can’t diet anymore?  


Fact #7:  Whatever food meant to you as a kid or during a tough time in your life is why you’re struggling with food now.

Did you start eating in secret after your parents divorced?

Are you an adult child of an alcoholic or a parent who raged and you turned to food to help you feel safe?

Did you begin to binge or overeat after having to switch schools in middle or high school?

Did you begin to struggle with your weight when you experienced abuse, trauma or neglect?

If none of these fit, ask yourself when your problems with food or body image started?

Think back and remember how food helped you through tough times at an earlier time in your life.   Think of times you have turned to food now and ask yourself what the common purpose of food was for you earlier in your life and now.  Is food –

  • Your security blanket
  • Your comfort zone
  • Your best friend
  • Your safe “place”
  • Your reward
  • The only time you feel loved

Food may have helped you in the past get through tough times but this strategy may no longer be working for you and may in fact be causing more pain in your life. 

Are you willing to consider changing your relationship with food?  Can you let go of what food used to mean and make new meaning and a new relationship?