As much as we would like to hide it, there is this association between being rich and evil. There are so many negative things surrounding money that people fail to realize that you can actually be rich and still be kind. This is what T. Harv Eker – internationally acclaimed speaker, the original founder of Peak Potentials Training, and best selling author – believes as he explores on this other aspect of vitality: money. Having getting rid of the either/or mindset, he shares how each one of us can be a wonderful person and still do extremely well financially. He talks about his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, and discusses how the beliefs of the past keep us from becoming millionaires. Learn the motivators for success as T. Harv Eker shares how you could change your beliefs to acquire financial vitality.

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Financial Vitality: Mastering Our Inner Game with T. Harv Eker

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

We’re going to be talking about another aspect of creating vitality and that is vitality with your money. My guest is T. Harv Eker. He’s an internationally acclaimed speaker, the original Founder of Peak Potentials Training and a bestselling author. He grew up in Toronto but spent most of his adult years in the United States. After developing one of the first retail fitness stores in North America, he grew the business to ten stores and became a millionaire. In less than two years, however, the money was gone. It was at this point that Eker began developing his theories about an individual’s mental and emotional relationship with money. He realized that his own inner money thermostat was set for a specific amount of financial success and that everyone has a similar personalized financial set point. He’s the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. Welcome to the show, Harv.

Thank you so much for having me.

I love your book. It’s very interesting. When I read you’re bio I also learned that your parents were European immigrants who came to Canada with only $30 to their name. I wondered what messages you got growing up about money?

Not good ones. The messages and you talked about I’m sure all the time on your show are messages. They’re not good, they’re not bad, they’re messages. Regardless, the message I got was that money was scarce, because they came from Europe during the war, it was once you had money, you were able to get out and if you didn’t have money, you weren’t. What I was taught subconsciously was that money means survival. It doesn’t mean joy, it doesn’t mean freedom. That means if you have it, you live and if you don’t have it, you die. It’s easy to look back on it now and understand that but in those days, I didn’t understand that. All I knew is I needed to become a millionaire. I needed to become rich in order to continue living, it was a matter of survival.

In your book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, you talk about the differences in the thought processes of the rich versus those who are poor. How did you learn about this?

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Because I was poor for a long time. There are a lot of courses. I’ve been teaching now for 25 years but prior to that, I realize there’s a lot of people who don’t want to be rich. If you said to them, “Is that one of your main focuses in life to be rich?” They go, “No, it’s not. My main focus in life is to be happy. My main focus in life is to be with my family or my main focus is to relax and enjoy, enjoying my food and my wine,” whatever. They don’t have a commitment to being wealthy. In fact, unfortunately, most people believe that if you have a goal of being rich then you have a little something wrong with you like you’re missing something else. You’re missing the balance in your life. That’s the only thing that’s important to you. You’re crashed. What people don’t realize is that we’ve got many negative messages about money now, especially now which I’m not happy about. They don’t realize you can have both. You can be rich and kind, rich and generous, rich and loving, rich and balanced, rich and healthy, rich and have a wonderful family life. You can be a wonderful person who is also doing extremely well financially. One of the biggest messages I need to get across to people, is that they’ve got this either-or mentality. It’s like what’s more important, your arm or your leg? Maybe they’re both important in the area in which they work. That’s it. You don’t want to pick things up with your leg and you don’t want to be walking on your arms. They’re both important in what they do. You and I did not make up the rules around money. We have to abide by them. We didn’t make up the rules that say money is important in certain aspects of life but that’s the way it is. Because it is the way it is, we have to deal with that and why not be successful in the area of finances?

Let me ask you this, do you believe though that anyone could be a millionaire?

If you say anyone in the world, I would say that might be a challenge. If you say anyone in North America, in Europe, in Australia, in Singapore, in places that we teach, I’d say absolutely, not a question. If you’re in another part of the world, then some environmental issues come into play. If you’re talking about in the middle of Nairobi or Uganda where they barely able to live, it’s a lot harder to do that. In a free country where you have everything at your fingertips, if you’re willing to have a good idea, work hard at it, learn how to do things right, yes, absolutely.

In your book, you talk about what keeps us from being millionaires are these beliefs or messages from the past.

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As you know and you teach it all the time yourself, is that those messages or psychological programming that we got early on, either propel us or repel us from everything. It’s not just money. We talked about this thing called your money blueprint. What’s your program and your conditioning set like in the area of money when you were growing up and how did you learn it? We learned through verbal conditioning, modeling, parents and teachers and things and specific incidents that occurred with us. Are those things important when it comes to money? Are they important when it comes to your relationship? Are they important when it comes to your fitness and your health? The early childhood programming that you received, messages you received when you were young, as you always talk about, is exactly what those into your mind filed as the way to do something and the result to have with something. That stays there until those files are completely either deleted or changed or revised in some way. Our mind is a computer. When you program a computer to do something, it does it until you reprogram it. It doesn’t just change in the middle.

I guess what I’m asking you is how hard is it once you become aware of these beliefs? I work with people to change their behaviors all the time and to change their beliefs and their programming. It seems like it can be very difficult for people to make that shift. With weight management, for example, somebody may know what to eat, they had certain programming as they were younger and yet only a certain percentage are able to make that change. What’s the difference between those that you work with who are able to become millionaires if that’s what they want or increase their financial vitality and those that don’t?

I wish I had the pure answer to that. I probably have over a million students in 105 different countries around the world. If I could put my finger on it, it would be a lot easier for everyone. I would say one of the biggest differences is the got-to factor. People say, “When will someone change?” It’s when they have to, it’s when there are no more choices, it’s when they’re in enough pain. It’s when their motivation is strong enough because if it’s not, then the habits will win out. We both teach that. The habits are so strong. Those dendrites are so strong that it’s very difficult to go, “It would be nice to.” I used to be in the fitness business. I had one of the first retail fitness stores in the world and everyday people would come in and they say, “I want to lose some weight? I want to buy this bike or this rowing machine.” I go, “Are you going to use it?” “Yes, of course.” Do they use it all? You know how that works. They use it for clothes hanger. That’s what I learned about teaching people because the people who did use it, one thing I found about them and I know it sounds a little hokey, but they always had a real specific reason for needing to lose weight or needing to be healthy.

The ones who came out of the hospital and the heart surgeon said to them, “You need to go get yourself a piece of equipment from this guy and you need to use it every day or you won’t be here next year when I do my checkup with you.” Those people used the equipment. The ones that would come in and go, “I need to lose twenty pounds in the next six weeks.” I go, “That’s nice. I’ve heard that a thousand times.” They go, “You don’t understand. I’m getting married in six weeks. My dress is picked out and I don’t come close to fitting into it. I don’t have a choice here.” They will lose those twenty pounds. I guarantee you. The reason, the motivation people have for why to be rich, why to be financially successful, why it’s important to them, makes all the difference in the world as to whether they will do what’s necessary both consciously and unconsciously to do what it takes to create that reality.

What was your big motivator at the time when you had to become a millionaire and then you ended up losing it all to bad investments and other reasons? What got you on the right track?

I try to be a very open person because I’m like everybody else and everyone’s like me and you’re not better or worse. Everyone’s the same. My issues are the same as everybody else’s I find and vice versa. Now looking back what it was for me, my motivation was proving myself. My parents, when I left school after the first year of college, they were not happy with me. I wanted my parents’ approval and they were not happy with me, they were screaming at me. They said, “You’re going to be a bum, we’re disowning you, you have to go back to school,” which wasn’t for me. I made a decision right at that moment where they pinned me against the wall screaming in my face, “Don’t you leave school or you’re never going to see you again,” all that stuff. I used to say in my mind, “I’ll show you, I will not be a bum. I’ll be a millionaire before you can breathe again.” For me, it was every waking hour was unconsciously about proving myself to show my parents that I wasn’t a bum, I was a good person. That I could make it without having to have been a lawyer or a doctor in which is what they thought I should. That was my motivation.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

That’s a pretty good motivator. That’s what I’ve had in my life before too, the “I’ll show you.” I want to talk a little bit more about that. As you know, there are wait books. There are tons of books about money. One of the notable ones is the whole Rich Dad Poor Dad series. I wondered though, is it the book that’s different? Is your book very different from those books or is there something else that you’re doing with people that help them to change?

This is important that you touched on this because in anything else, there is an inner game and outer game. The real secret of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is the mind part of it. It’s not the real estate part of it. It’s not the stock part of it. It’s not the financial bonds and markets and all that and business. It’s not the business or financial book as per se, it’s a mind book. What we say is your inner world creates your outer world. What happens is everyone’s got what we call a money blueprint. That’s how we were programmed in our mind file to think about money when we were young and growing up. That comes from your verbal conditioning, modeling and specific instance. If you have these ways of thinking which creates your beliefs, your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions, which lead to your results. Your results come from your original thoughts which come from your original programming. What we do a little bit differently and I say a lot differently is the book isn’t about money, the book is about you. The course isn’t about money, the course is about you mostly. We worked with the mind. We work with your thinking process. What we’re able to do in this extraordinary program and I have to say that even though I like to be humble, we’re the only ones that are willing to do this, is we go in and during three days we can recondition the programming in one’s mind, the dendrites neurological pathways. We condition them for much more supportive thought processes, natural thought process towards both success and happiness. That’s the biggest difference in the world because the roots create the fruits. The result that everybody wants is created from the inner world. Your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, that all leaves your physical reality.

You’re not talking about just imagining yourself rich because that’s another approach.

That’s very surface oriented and that’s a nice way of doing it but that’s not going to do it. What would someone need to do to change a belief about something? First of all, that would be a good question. Can someone change your beliefs? That’s a good question. The answer is, let’s ask you, let’s ask everyone. For example, John believes that Bob is a good friend of his. He’s very nice to him, he’s a good friend, you can count on him. John believes Bob’s a good friend. That’s a belief. Then he mentioned that to Sue and Sue says, “What? Bob’s your friend? You should hear what Bob says about you behind your back. He’s not a friend of yours at all.” He goes, “No, that can’t be. Bob’s a good friend.” He talks to Alice. Alice says, “No, I’ve heard Bob talk about you. I would think he’s your enemy, not your friend.” You find out all this new information about Bob. Do you still think Bob’s a good friend? No, you don’t believe that at all anymore because you have new information. You’ve examined the old stuff. You have new information to make a new decision with.

That’s part of the reconditioning process. To be able to install new information that is valid now, not twenty, 30, 50 years ago that other people installed in you. That you want to install on yourself now, based on your reality now and what’s real now. One of the processes is examining how they learn what they learned. First of all, what are your beliefs? What are your thought processes around money, success, wealth and rich people? Listening to those, examining each of those, where do those come from and then re-choosing now based on who you are and who you want to be, as to whether that makes sense for you at all anymore or not. A lot of people they used to run on things, when you ask them and when you listen to them, they go, “This doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t even know why I’m thinking this.” They just do.

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Then there’s the next part which is the moment to moment decisions that we all make. I’ll give you an example from my world of working with people with eating disorders and addictions. You know how the Twelve-Steps program says, “A day at a time,” or “A moment at a time.” That’s where the work happens. It’s like you’re out to dinner and you have a choice, do I eat a loaf of bread that’s on the table or do I eat a piece of bread? Is that what happens too?

When you talk about conscious decision-making and what we do a little bit differently is during those three days, we do a lot of unconscious work. We do we reprogramming right in the workshop itself. What that means is that we would have already done that reprogramming for that person who says with the loaf of bread versus a slice of bread. That person would throw up if they looked at that loaf of bread. That’s probably what would happen. When people do the work itself and the event itself, that’s why it’s a live event. If I could do it all in a book, I would but it’s impossible to do the reprogramming of the dendrites. We have several processes of exercises where we go in and we change those dendrites. That programming is changed right on site and we do it through several different methods that are fun and exciting, but they’re very effective.

Is that’s the Millionaire Mind Intensives?

Yes, that’s why it’s popular. We’ll have 5,000 to 4,000 people in a room for three days, all over the world. I’m going to Italy and Spain. There’s 3,000 in one and 4,000 in another. We came back from Munich, Germany, we had 3,000 in the room. Everyone has changed, you can’t help but be changed because you’re going to look at things you never looked at in your life before. You’re going to go, “It doesn’t make sense. This is my mother’s, not mine.”

You say, “Give me five minutes and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life.” How?

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I say, “Give me five minutes,” and people go, “That’s ridiculous.” I go, “It is ridiculous because it doesn’t take five minutes, it takes five seconds.” Let me put it this way. Now that we’ve got the cat out of the bag, how do you predict someone’s financial future? What was your financial past and what’s their current financial situation? Why would it change? If you said in your example, Carol, you could say, “Give me five minutes and I can predict your eating outcome or your weight outcome for the rest of your life.” How? I take a look at how you’ve been doing far. We’re creatures of habit. Nothing’s going to change unless you go in and change it. If someone gained three pounds a year for the last ten years, it’s not going to change. Why would it? They’re still eating the same thing and doing the same type of workout or not. It’s not going to change until you go in there and change it. It’s the same thing with money. What’s your financial future? It’s about the same as it is right now. The same pattern you’ve had right now. Whether you’re a spender, whether you’re a saver or whether you’re a manager, whether you’re rich, whether you’re always broke, whether you spend more than you make, all that will be identical for the rest of your life until you go in and make the change on a recondition manner. That’s what very, fortunately, we’re able to do for people.

Do you feel that the major reason few people change their net worth is that they don’t have the motivation to look at their beliefs or is there something even deeper than that?

It is their beliefs. It is their conditioning. Your money blueprint will determine your money’s thermostat. It’s like a normal thermostat. The thermostat determines the temperature in that room. If you open the windows and it’s cold in the room and you still have that thermostat set for 72, no matter what you do in that window that thermostat is going to kick on and bring that temperature back to 72. If it’s hot outside and the temperature gets to 77, no matter what you do, that thermostat that’s set for 72 is going to kick in and drive the temperature back down. It’s exactly the same with your money blueprint or your money thermostat. Your money thermostat will determine your financial life. What we do is we change the thermostat instead of trying to work on all the outside stuff that’s just a result of that.

In your book, you talk about the difference between net worth and working income. In some ways being a doctor or a lawyer or someone who makes a comfortable income can make it harder for you to become a millionaire. Do you agree?

Any personal service company is a challenge to become rich unless you’re doing something on the investment side of it, which is something that people have to recognize. A lot of people who work in the personal service industry, which is a doctor where you have to be there in order for the project service to be performed. Their feeling primarily is that they need to be the cog in the wheel because it’s what they like, it’s what they’ve been trained to do and that’s what they know.

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Financial Vitality: Your money blueprint will determine your money’s thermostat.


There are also the golden handcuffs of having a comfortable level of income. You can buy a house, you can maybe put your kids through college, you’re comfortable so you’re not as desperate or as pushed to change anything. You mentioned that a little bit about in your book too.

The comfort zone itself. It was about the got-to and a lot of people who are comfortable, they don’t have the got-to so there’s no result from that. Not everybody has to be rich. As we’re talking about money and riches and all that, the New York Times called me a financial evangelist. I’ll take that as a blessing because someone’s got to stick up for us. There’s a couple of things. First of all, why be rich? Number one, lifestyle. Most people would agree that lifestyle not just for yourself, but for your family and the people close to you, can be a little nicer if you have money than if you don’t. Also, the next one is contribution. If you have quite a bit of money, then you have the wherewithal to help people who will never have the opportunities that you do to not only forget about creating wealth but if you have a couple of decent meals in a week.

We didn’t make up the rules and money buys a lot of good things. When there are disasters that occur in the world, whether it’s a relief for whether it’s medical aid, clothing, food or shelter, we didn’t make up those. It takes money to handle all those things. If you have it, you can share it. That’s probably the biggest thing with our students that they want to do. One of the reasons they want to be rich is they’ll be able to help other people in that way if at all possible. The third reason is who do you have to become in character, virtue, mindset, attitude, and habits in order to be successful enough in any arena and to create wealth from that arena. Everyone has to understand that money and wealth is a result. It’s a result of being successful at something. In a way that you can create a reward called money. Here’s the thing. If you are going for a large amount of money, the dumbest thing to do in the world is to try and make a lot of money. That doesn’t even work. What you have to do is try to be successful in an arena and understand money and business enough to be able to reap the rewards of that success. You have to be a bigger, better, stronger person to be successful enough at anything as to create wealth in that arena then to be unsuccessful. Just as simple as that.

 I want to make sure we don’t forget to give your website out. If you want to let everybody know how they can find out more information about you, Harv.

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We do the program all over the world. We probably have about twenty different countries that we work within. They’re large programs and they work amazingly well for people. The best website to go to is That will give you some information on where the programs are being held and a little bit about them, then you can make a decision whether they’re right for you. I’ve taught this for over 25 years because that’s the only thing that works for me. I’ve taught business, I teach money, I teach a lot of elements around success, but in my mind is still no matter what, the roots create the fruits. If you don’t take care of this inner thing, if you don’t take care of your blueprint, if you don’t go in there and change the thermostat first, nothing else seems to work for people. You ask, “How about if I learned the stock system?” The stock system won’t help you if your mind files aren’t in order. 

That’s the equivalence of my patients who are struggling with weight, choosing another diet. “What if this diet will be better for me. That didn’t work so let me do another one.” It’s the same.

It is identical. We’re talking about the same thing because, in the same way you have a money blueprint, you have a weight blueprint, you have a happiness blueprint, you have a relationship blueprint. The blueprint all that is, is the programming you received in the past around that specific area that leads to your way of thinking, that lead to your actions. Those actions propel our habits and those create your results. It’s very simple but not that easy to change. We have a way in the program of going in there and making the changes right there and then, changing that program, changing the file so that it’s much more natural to think in another way than the first way. Then when people do that, they start acting differently, take different actions and then they get different results. Here’s a good example. You’re asking about real estate and Rich Dad, Poor Dad and all that. I must have at least 5,000 people over the last few years that have come up to me and said, “You changed my life. The course changed my life. I’m a millionaire now.” I go, “That’s great, how did you do it?” They go, “In real estate.” I go, “We don’t teach real estate.”

They’ll go, “I understand that you don’t teach real estate, but you know what? I’ve been doing real estate for twenty years and it hasn’t worked for me. I did your program and all of a sudden everything’s working. I don’t understand it, but everything is paying.” It’s because you changed. It’s not about what you knew about real estate or stocks before. It’s about who you are. You are the root of your success. You are the root of your happiness. You are the root of anything else that occurs to you. People say to me all the time, “How do I be a success?” If you want to be a success, you have to be a success. There’s a saying that says, “Fortunately or unfortunately you take yourself with you wherever you go.” You have to be a success and then you will be successful in any arena that you touch.

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What you’re talking about doesn’t fit very well with the American ethic of getting rich quick or take the easy way out or find the magic pill. As you travel around the world, is that something that comes up in other countries or is it particularly Western?

I’m not going to have to go what countries because they’re all similar. I always say, “If you have a mind and you have a heart, you’re the same as everybody else.”

You talk about the influence of culture on our beliefs.

I will say this, the younger the person is, the more they are thinking that it’s going to be a get rich quick thing. That’s my experience. The reason for that is because they haven’t had enough experience to find out that that’s not true for themselves. When a person is a little bit older, middle age and they start to get a little bit older, they already know that it doesn’t work like that. I’m not a big fan of getting rich slowly either. There’s a nice midpoint. We teach a method in one of our other programs that says, “If you’re going to be in a business of your own in any way, shape or form, there’s a sweet spot.” There are three to five years. If you were willing to commit and focus on your success and your business and whatnot for three to five years in the method that we teach, you should be able to cash out of there as fairly wealthy. It does take three to five years. It doesn’t take overnight and if you’re doing it twenty years, you’re certainly not using the system that we’re teaching. It’s taken me several times, three to five years. A lot of our students, three to five years. That’s about the number, but in order to do that, you cannot do that in a personal service company. It doesn’t work. If you’re a massage therapist, three to five years isn’t going to cut it.

CCR 18 | Financial Vitality

Financial Vitality: The roots create the fruit.


Even a doctor, you might be, but you have to invest outside. How do you do that? The answer is you’ll probably have to start with your own business in any way, shape or form. Secondly, it’s got to be able to leverage so that you can provide value without you having to be there. To earn a lot of money, as a reward, you’re going to have to provide a lot of value. When you’re a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer, a massage therapist or a coach, your finances are based on your time and the amount of time that you personally put in. There are only 24 hours in a day. Because of that limitation, if you have a limitation on your income or on your time, which you do, limitations on income do not create wealth. In addition to what you’re doing, provide a value to people, a way to solve problems for people that don’t take you to be there. Whether it’s hiring other people, whether it’s working with other people, whether it’s working with systems, whether it’s working with products, whatever it is. If you’re stuck with it’s you yourself, you’re limiting time, therefore you have limited income, therefore you’re limited in wealth and the opposite is true as well.

That’s an important point because many of us go into these professions thinking that we are going to be able to have done that. Obviously, there is a level of comfort and security in doing that, but it’s not a good pathway to becoming a millionaire.

It’s not a hard fix. First of all, it’s the mindset fix, that’s the first thing, we change the blueprint. Then the second thing is we give people some tools and some understandings as to how they can leverage themselves. Here’s a good example, you are leveraging yourself right now. Does every doctor do what you’re doing? No, not 101% even do it. You are leveraging yourself, of your practice and then you have what you’re doing here and I’m sure you have some other elements as well. You’re reaching thousands of people at once at this point in time. I’m not sure what the financial outcome is. That will be something for you to determine.

I’m not a millionaire yet and that’s my goal.

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I have the perfect program for you.

Believe it or not, I’ve already signed up for your three-day intensive. I love your approach because it fits with what I do. It’s the exact same thing that I teach and my goal is to be able to teach that in terms of people’s weight and their addictions all over the world. It’s the same concept.

There’s no difference. We could take the same course and plug in weight instead of money or plugin relationships instead of money and the same outcome will occur. We’re all doing the same thing. You can learn everything you want about real estate, about stocks, about financial instruments, about business and all that. None of it is going to make a massive change until you go in and change that financial thermostat so that you’re automatically set for a high level of success in whatever skill and methodology you do, learn and develop. For example, if you have a person who, let’s say from the time they were young, they learned how to play the piano. They’re excellent at that and they took lessons at two years old but for some reason, because their brother was also a piano player and they didn’t like the competition, they hated the practice. They hated performing. They hated the whole thing about the piano. They just want to be a dancer because unconsciously they don’t want to be competing with their brother. They didn’t like that whole energy thing. They were doing it and they had the skill and they were practicing but did they become the concert pianists? No, they didn’t. The result never happened because unconsciously, they didn’t want that result to happen. There was a reason that they wanted to be out of something else and it’s the same thing with money. Until you are unconsciously aligned with wealth from the inside out, it won’t happen outside it. It can’t happen. You are the one who has to create it.

No matter how many real estate courses you take or stock courses you take or diet you go on, you still have to change you inside.

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I love how people are saying to everyone, “Manage your money like this. Don’t get into debt.” Are you kidding me? What is this person like one year old? They’re going to do what they’ve always done. It’s a habit. How many times are you going to tell them, “Manage your money, don’t spend more than you earn, cut out your credit cards?” Does that work? If it worked, why do we have 93% of the people be broke? It doesn’t work at all.

We’re talking about all of the beliefs that can influence us and how we deal with our money. Once you become aware of those things, once you understand your money blueprint, what’s next? How do people make more money?

People are asking me that all the time, “How do I make money? How do I make a lot more money?” The first thing is that and this is critical because most of them have no clue. They just want money. They don’t know how to get a lot of that. The first thing is you’ve got to get that money blueprint revised and changed. The inner program has got to be changed so that it’s natural for you to be in alignment with having a lot more money. That’s a big thing. The second thing is to understand money. Most people don’t understand. They go, “How do I make a lot more money?” First thing is you don’t make money. The only people who make money, they work at the mint. The rest of the has to watch. We have to earn money. A better question is “How do I earn money or a lot more money?” The definition of an entrepreneur or a person in business or even a person in the job is a person who solves problems for people at a profit or for a pay. You are a problem solver. The number one reason people will give you money is because you’re solving a problem, a big problem or a little problem, a major problem or a convenience problem. Some type of problem for them to give you money to solve it. That’s the only reason somebody would do it. I’m standing in front of a bunch of palm trees right now. Somebody is cutting them and why are they cutting them? Because someone’s paying them to cut those because those palm trees could be dangerous that could hit somebody and the hotel says you got to cut those down. That’s a problem.

No matter what you’re doing, if you want to exchange money, you’ve got to solve problems for people. The question becomes, what problem can you solve for people and are you solving for them? The problem with most people is they don’t have identified and solidified what problem it is they’re solving for people. If you know what problem it is that you’re solving for people specifically, the real problem you’re solving for them, then there’s a question of going out and solving it. If your product or service or whatever you’re doing to solve that problem works and that’s another key. What you do has to work and you’ve got to be good at it. You got to be good at solving the problem for people. No hokey stuff here, no BS, you get at it. If you’re saying you’re going to solve this problem, solve the problem. You’ve got to be good at what you do to solve that problem. Then you get paid for solving a problem. That’s how you earn money. The question is how do I earn a lot of money? Solve that problem for a lot of people.

CCR 18 | Financial Vitality

Financial Vitality: Do not create wealth to get an addition to what you’re doing. Instead, provide value to people and a way to solve problems for them.


The only people that will give you money is people, dogs don’t give you money, elephants don’t give you money, God doesn’t give you money, trees don’t give you money. People give you money. That’s the only thing that exchanges money for that representation. If you want to make a lot of money, you got to solve that problem for a lot of people. It’s a question of how do I create a reality, a system, a methodology to leverage myself so that I can solve that problem for a lot more people? The result of that is creating a lot of money. It’s very simple. Either you solve a lot of problems for a few people or you solve one problem for a lot of people, but it all gets based on solving a specific problem for people. Right away that narrows down to 90% have no clue of what they do for people. What problem they solve for people. They cannot identify it, they cannot list it, they cannot express it. People don’t know that they even do that and how they do it and why they’re different.

I’m assuming though that not everybody who comes to your workshops wants to be a millionaire. Are there other problems that you’re solving for people?

If one has said, “I don’t even want to be a millionaire,” I’d say, “Stay home,” because a million dollars now barely buy a decent house. A million dollars is very little right now and if someone’s thought processes are, “I don’t even want to be a millionaire,” I want to do a little better. Certainly, that’s a no-brainer for us, but I would want to change that dendrite and that neurological pathway in that person’s mind in the first three minutes of that course because a million dollars is not where we’re going here.

Not everybody who goes to your courses becomes a millionaire or multimillionaire.

Probably not, but at least they have the intention to and at least they’re working towards that.

I’m just trying to get at that, I’m going to go back to my analogy because everybody who is overweight wants to lose weight, but not everybody can become a thin ideal. Some of the things you talked about in your book is you and your spouse don’t fight about money and I’m sure that would be a result that people would be happy about.

You’re asking are there other rewards for being at the program? The answer is absolutely yes because you’re working on you and you are the result of all of those things. The result of the program for most people, people that relate to me anyways is they are much happier. Because they realized how to control their mind and how their mind is taking them out and what to do with their mind when it’s not supportive to them in not just money but all areas of life. The second thing is the improvement in their relationship is dramatic. The number one reason most people fight is because about money. The thing that people don’t realize is that when you’re arguing with somebody about money, you’re not arguing with them. Your two blueprints are arguing. The two thermostats are arguing. The two of you aren’t even in the picture. It’s your blueprints that are arguing. What we do at the program is we have people explain their blueprints to the other person, especially if they’ve come with their spouse or their mate. They then create a third blueprint, a third thermostat that works for the relationship that they can both buy into and it’s phenomenal. It’s the same as if you became a partner in a business, you have your way of doing things. Your partner has their way of doing things, but for the business purposes, you have to get together and say, “This is the way we’re going to do it for success in the business.” It’s the same with your relationship, “This is the way we’re going to do it as a successful money situation for the relationship that we can both buy into and live with.”

Are there any other things that people learn at the intensives that you teach?

CCR 18 | Financial Vitality

Financial Vitality: The definition of an entrepreneur is a person who solves problems for people at a profit or for pay.


We reprogram the mind files so that the result is much easier and much more lucrative wealth situation. Much happier, much more in control of their thought process in general, in their life. One of the other things that happen for people is they become better parents if they’ve got children. They finally realize that it’s not what they say to their kids, but it’s who they are as a model to their kids that makes all the difference in the world. I’m sure you work with that all the time. The results of being a lot happier and a lot of stronger relationships, having been a better parent and being way more confident in who you are and how you do things is a result of that program. Confidence is critical because the word confidence comes from the Latin word “confidere” which means to trust. The reason most people don’t do that well is they don’t trust themselves. The program is set up for you to be able to recognize what is holding you back, what are you saying to yourself and what belief systems do you have that are holding you back. We wipe those out very quickly. It’s quite amazing when people say, “How could you do that in three days?” I don’t know. If you brought your computer into a computer expert for three days, don’t you think they could do something with that programming, with that software? That we’re doing is we’re changing the software. Can you do that in three days? You can.

This has been a great show and I’m hoping that all our audience will go out and get your book and think about coming to the Millionaire Mind Intensive. I want to mention the website where they can find out more information is I want to thank you, Harv, for being on this show. You’ve been a great guest and people have learned a lot. I also want to thank my audience to the Vital Life: Awakening Your Full Potential. Check us out on iTunes for previous episodes. In our next episode, we’re going to have a very special guest, Linda Bacon, who is the Founder of Health At Every Size Movement and the author of the book of the same name. You’ve got to read that blog. It’s going to be great. Until then, I wish you good health and vitality.

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