If you have used food to medicate your feelings or if your extra weight helps you feel safe, then

you are using food as a metaphor. A metaphor describes one thing as if it were something else.

Saying that “food is love” is an example of how we use food as a metaphor. You may think that

you love food when in fact food is actually ?lling an unmet need in your life – now or in the past –

for love, safety, joy or other basic needs.

Food can also evoke pleasant memories of a time when your family came

together, or a special occasion with a loved one. If you lead a very disciplined, driven life, you

may ?nd yourself turning to food as a way to “let go” of the heavy responsibilities. Food serves as

comfort, safety, solace and so much more than simply a way to nourish our bodies. Recognizing

how food ?lls your unmet needs will allow you to unravel the meaning of food in your life. Once

this is done, you may choose to have your needs met in other ways besides food.


List below the ways in which food meets your needs:

1. Food is a comfort.

2. Food is love.

3. Food keeps me company when I’m lonely.

4. The more I eat, the less I feel.

5. Food is my stabilizer. I don’t feel so out of control.

6. When I’m able to skip meals, I feel strong. Giving in to hunger makes me feel weak.

7. Food brings me joy.

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