Every year at this time, many people choose to make resolutions to lose weight, go on a diet, start an exercise program, get in better shape, etc.  Most of these resolutions fail.  Perhaps you’re one of these individuals who have good intentions and who literally buy into the diet industries promises that if you just buy this or that new product, you will finally lose weight.

Just a reminder….The diet industry which is a multi-billion dollar industry has one purpose and one purpose only – to make money.  If making their purpose accidentally helps you lose weight, then that’s great.  Usually that’s not the case however.

This year, make a resolution to do what works. Here’s what we all know about losing weight:

  1. you have to change your behaviors to lose weight
    1. eat more healthily
    2. exercise regularly
  2. changing behaviors takes time and energy and effort.  Are you ready to commit time, energy and effort?
  3. You may have tried similar methods to lose weight in the past.  As yourself did it work then?  If not, why not try doing what works?
  4. You have to eat regularly to lose weight.  That means no skipping meals to try and make up for overeating. That means eating 3 meals + 1 snack everyday even if you overate the night before.  Your body needs to know it can depend on you to feed it so it doesn’t have to hold on to food in anticipation of not getting fed.
  5. Eating more fruits and vegetables is essential to losing weight.  If you do this, it will help you feel more full and eat less throughout the day.

We all know diets don’t work or work only temporarily.

To make your New Year’s goals come true do what works.  Make a realistic plan to lose weight slowly by doing what works.  Think of losing 10-15% of your body weight over the next 6 months and then seeing if you can keep it off.  Think of finding some form of reasonable and sustainable exercise you would actually enjoy doing instead of forcing yourself to do an exercise routine you hate just so you can “beat your body into shape.”

Making small steps that you are consistent with will help you stick with your program.  Don’t keep fooling yourself into thinking there is a magic pill that will take the weight off while you continue to eat anything and everything you want.

New Year’s Day is approaching.  Are you ready to take on the challenge of getting healthy by doing what works?!