When looking at individuals born between 1976-1985 and those born 1966-1975, 20% were obese by 20-29 years of age.  Comparing this to older generations, individuals born between 1946-55 were 30-39 years of age before reaching the 20% level of obesity; those born 1956-65 were 40-49.  For individuals born between 1936-45, they didn’t reach prevalence of obesity before age 50-59.

So our kids are becoming obese at younger ages.  Therefore, they will have a lifetime of struggling with their weight.

What can parents do?

  1. MODEL healthy eating.  You can’t tell your children what to eat if you continue to eat poorly.
  2. Exercise together as a family even if its just going for daily walks or bike rides.
  3. Don’t focus on a child’s appearance, rather find ways to compliment their other good deeds: are they a good student, a kind person, good at music or other talents?
  4. Eat at least one meal a day with your children.
  5. Don’t tease them about their weight.

If you’re interested in changing your lifestyle and eating behaviors, call about FREE lectures on weight management being offered monthly in Metro Denver – (303) 355-2445.