Research has shown several factors that make it more likely for your child to become overweight or obese:

  1. Mother or father are overweight
  2. Mother was overweight before she became pregnant
  3. Parents who smoke or being exposed to others who smoke
  4. Mother smoked during pregnancy
  5. The child was overweight before age 3

Obesity is a family disease.  Genetic factors as well as early childhood factors make it more or less likely that a child will become overweight or obese.

As always, the focus should be on the family.  What can your family do to improve your child’s chances of being a healthy weight?  Always practice what you preach.

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid processed food.
  • Cook together as a family.
  • Provide your children with a wide variety of food options
  • Use sweets as infrequent treats, substitute other sweet foods, like fruits for daily rewards
  • Educate yourself and your children about healthy eating