I’ve been reading lately about the energy of money and how we live in either scarcity or feelings of abundance.  I don’t think this energy phenomenon applies only to money.  I think of my own life which is very busy (full of things to do) and may be scarce in some of the things I used to love to do – sailing, skiing, going to plays, etc.  So while money may be scarce, it’s not the only thing.  Fun can be scarce too.  I wonder how much of us live in one of these states and while focusing on one way in which it manifests, may miss the many other ways it shows up in life.

How does weight show up as either scarcity or abundance?  How do our eating patterns show up this way.  What about the use of alcohol or other drugs.  Do you hoard liquor.  Do you feel so fearful of not having enough that you may be eating an overabundance of food?

What does all of this have to do with who we truly are?  I know for me, I am truly a fun-loving person.  so perhaps scarcity in this area is a place where I am not truly being myself.  I don’t know about other people but in a way work has, for me become a place where I am a harsh taskmaster to myself – holding back on doing other things with the excuse of needing to stay focused on work in order to achieve my goals.  All the while, time continues marching by.  When I look back, I wonder what will it all mean?  Will work have really been all that important?