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Oftentimes, we find ourselves hating the things we do, yet we go on because it keeps us fed. The longer we stay, the more emptiness we feel. Amir Zoghi shares his own journey of shifting his goals to heart-centered goals through intuition. Now he is an international leader and speaker in the area of self-awareness and human potential. Amir talks about the emptiness we feel despite the things we accomplished in life. Teaching how to overcome that, he talks about intuition and steering away from the voice in our heads that distract us. Amir delves into removing the emotional blocks using intuition and highlights the acceptance in human potential.

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Shifting To Heart-Centered Goals Through Intuition with Amir Zoghi

We have a special guest, Amir Zoghi, who is an international leader and speaker in the area of self-awareness and human potential. His modern age philosophies ring with the truth within his inspired audiences. He’s a natural intuitive and shares his wisdom through his writings, teachings and in speaking his voice on the stages of the world. He’s a master of channeling a message that is deep and profound and delivering it with absolute simplicity and clarity for anyone to relate to. He is one of the key contributors in the film, Leap! The Movie, which explores the meaning and purpose of life by questioning reality. He’s also the Founder of Be Free Events, which promotes self-realization, self-awareness and hopes to transform the world by expanding people’s consciousness. Welcome to the show, Amir.

Thanks, Carolyn. It’s great to be here. Thank you for having me.

You didn’t start out doing intuitive work or human potential work. You started out in business and then had several business failures before finally achieving success in business and then leaving it all behind. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey to how you got to where you are?

I started quite young. I left school and I went straight into business. I didn’t go to college or university. I went straight into business. I’ve always been self-employed whether it’s doing the paper riding or pizza deliveries. Even at school, I used to sell cellphones to kids when they first came out. My first two businesses were failures and by the age of 21, 22 I was on the verge of bankruptcy. The third business, I got lucky. It did quite well and it did well fast. I didn’t get to the point of declaring bankruptcy. I got myself back on my feet. I had a lot of goals and material things and giving back to the world and to find the goals around doing what I love to do. I got to a point where I accomplished many things. I remember sitting one day, moving from a nice apartment that I was living here in Sydney right next to the Opera House. I’m unpacking all these boxes and I don’t know if you can relate to this, but when you’re unpacking boxes you find many old photos and you reminisce. You find old love letters. I got to the boxes with old personal development programs or spiritual experience. I had a lot of old goals and vision boards.

I sat unpacking all that and all these different books that I probably had read or not read. I started to see some of the things that I wanted to accomplish. Some of the things that I thought if I can accomplish these, then I would feel secure. I would feel safe. I would feel happy. I’m looking outside my window and one of the things I read was to live on the water with city views and Harbour Bridge views and that’s exactly what I had. I’m going through this list and all these things that I was ticking off I’m like, “I’ve got a similar boat to that. I’ve got a similar car to that. I’ve got to a similar relationship with that.” I went through all this ticking. I’ve got to the point where I thought to myself, “I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve gone from nearly being bankrupt to accomplishing all these goals and dreams.” Around the same moment when I realized that, I felt a sense of emptiness. It felt like it was not enough, there was still something missing. That’s what pulled me within myself to search for more because I realized that if I was making $20,000 a month, I wanted to make $40,000. If I was making $40,000, I wanted to make $60,000. If I had a 40-foot boat, I want a 60-foot boat. It was never enough. I felt like I was chasing this carrot.

Was it because your goals were all in the superficial realm in terms of more money, more things and more appearances? Had you had any goals that were more on a deeper level?

What I’ve come to realize is that we always have two different types of goals, those goals that are driven from the head and those goals that are driven from the heart. They could be superficial, materialistic or non-materialistic. It doesn’t matter. Where does the goal come from? The goals that come from the head are driven on that empty feeling that you find within yourself. When they sit still and they don’t get so busy and disconnect from the day-to-day. Sometimes we make ourselves busy so we can avoid connecting to that empty feeling that we may find within ourselves. That empty feeling then fuels these ideas that come into your head that you intellectually create. You go, “I need to go and find the right partner. I need to go and fix, improve or change my life in this way so I can make this empty feeling go away. Those are the goals that I’m talking about. You put everything into it. You always put your blood, sweat and tears into something and then you accomplish it but then you’re left with this empty feeling still. You’re like, “What’s going on here? I thought if I find the right partner, I would be happy,” then you’re thinking about, “If I get rid of this partner, I will be happy.”

You can never be satisfied because those goals aren’t from the heart or from the soul.

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The goals that come from the heart or from the soul, the amazing thing about them is that they’re not reliant on the destination or the outcome to be materialized before you can feel that sense of fulfillment. The moment you follow the goal from the soul or from the heart or from your intuition, the moment that you follow it is the same moment that you feel the sense of fulfillment. That’s when you experience that life is not about the destination, it truly is about the journey. Know that you have a deeper direct experience of that.

When you got to this critical point where you felt the emptiness was still there in spite of all that you had accomplished, how did you get from there to knowing that it was intuition and shifting your goals to heart-centered goals? Did you have mentors? What did you do?

The third business I used to promote different speakers and I’ve worked with people like Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and we used to work with these different speakers in Australia. My third business was a promotional company. To answer your question, when I got to a point of realizing that, “All these accomplishments are not making me happy.” I got to a point where I made a decision where I no longer wanted to do something because I needed to do. There are two energies that make up who we are. One is love and one is fear. I understood that every time I was doing something because I needed to do it. If I didn’t do it, I would lose my status, credibility or success. If I didn’t do it, I would lose my sense of security. The moment I felt I needed to do something, I started to feel I had this rope around my neck. I felt I was suffocating. I got to a point where I thought to myself, “I no longer want to do things that I need to do.” To answer your question about the mentor, I had a lot of mentors around me because being in the industry of the self-help for many years I had a lot of mentors to choose from. I got to a point where I realized that anything mental or every teacher out there giving you different pieces of the puzzle of truth.

This would take you the puzzle of purpose and meaning to your life, but until you find that final piece and as you’re putting the picture puzzle together. There’s always likely one piece missing. Until you find that final piece, none of the pieces will connect and none of the pieces will make sense to the point that you can live it. A lot of these mentors and teachers have taught me things and I’ve got to a point of knowing it, but there’s a big difference between knowing it and being it. Being it will allow you to live it. That final piece I’m talking about was I realized that I need to go within myself. I’ve gone and read books, I’ve done all these programs and I need to dive within myself and find this for myself, within myself. The person who supported me on that path was my mother. My mother is quite a wise lady. She supported me. She guided me and said, “You need to find these. All these things you know in your head. All these things that you intellectually understand, you need to be able to know it in your heart. You need to be able to find it within yourself.” I took an inward journey. I even stopped reading books. I got to a point where I stopped reading books. I stopped going to any programs. I started to realize the truth within myself.

CCR 11 | Intuition

Intuition: The goals that are driven from the heart are not materialistic.


That’s what I do. I teach people to find the answer within them. Not to come to my programs and learn something new because the truth is not something that can be taught. It’s not something that you can learn. It’s only something that you can experience for yourself and everyone’s experience is different. My mother has been the person who’s guided me on that path. My path changed. My path was no longer about finding the next tool, the next teacher or the next guru that can help me fix, improve or change my life. I let go of needing to fix, improve or change my life. When I let go of needing to fix, improve or change my life, I realized the deeper truth of who I am. When you realize that and have a deeper experience of that, you realize there’s nothing to fix, improve or change. That’s when everything fixes, improves or changes itself without you having a tool or forcing it to happen. It’s more of an allowance. You allow the change to happen. That’s been my journey.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you translate what you learned to teach other people how to get in touch with their intuition?

When I started to connect deeper to my intuition, I wanted to within my work share with people how to experience intuition. I realized that intuition is something that’s formless. It’s not something that’s tangible. I questioned myself, “How do you teach somebody to use your intuition?” We all have these two voices in our head and we can get distracted which one is which. One of the voices probably said to you, “Which two voices?” I was thinking, “How can I get someone to experience intuition?” It’s not something you can teach. You could pretend to teach it. If someone comes up to you and says, “What’s it like to be in love?” You can attempt to teach them. You can attempt to describe it into words, but once you put a description to that feeling of love, you’ve now changed it and it becomes a version of what you feel. Until that person has a direct experience of it, they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.

One of the things I realized is that for me to be able to teach someone to use their intuition, the only way I can get close is by speaking intuitively. What I do in all my talks and my programs is I allow people to experience what I call the flow. The flow is an expression of the intuition. I do that by speaking in the flow. I do that by speaking intuitively. Before in a lot of my talks, I give people a little bit of guidance and I say, “I want you to listen to me intuitively.” If I can get them to listen intuitively and if I’m speaking intuitively, they can go have a direct experience of their intuition. I get them to do that by getting into not just listen to my words, but rather they listen to where the words are coming from. Where the words are coming from, you and I are one. There is a feeling that you will come to realize, “I know what he’s talking about. I can feel it.” It may not make logical sense because there’s no logic in intuition, but I can feel it. It feels like somehow I’ve always known it.

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Would you say that your conversation with me now is talking in the flow? Do you feel that you’re talking in the flow at all times now in your life?

Yes, sure. I would go to my left brain, which is your logical mind. I went paid for a coffee or paid for something, I will use the logical mind to determine the change. I will use the logical mind to book a flight, the left brain. What changed for me, what shifted is that the logical mind is no longer making the decisions for me. There’s a heart fueling that decision. People will limit the heart, which is infinite. The heart speaks only the language of love and the language of possibilities. They will limit that heart language, that intuitive feeling by making a decision logically. The logic is limited because the logic refers to all the external forces. It goes to all the past and future, which is a limitation. All things are possible in the present moment. The moment you see this present moment from the eyes of the past or the eyes of the future, you limit it to what you think is possible based on your past experiences, based on your external references.

It’s an important point you’re making because you said there are two energies in life, love and fear. Most of us try very hard to operate from love but often are handicapped by fears from the past, losses that we’ve experienced or failures that have happened. We try to benefit from those failures but often in trying to do that live from the fear. How do people remove emotional blocks to using their intuition? For example, as a parent, I may experience a lot of emotional pain when one of my children struggles with an issue. How can I switch from living in the fear for them versus talking with them from my intuition?

I’m about to give you a simple answer but it’s difficult. The answer is acceptance. I’m not talking about 90% acceptance. I’m talking about a wholehearted acceptance. This may be difficult to do depending on what the circumstances are, especially when relating to your children. I can tell you a story of a consultation that I once had. It’s of a woman who came to saw me. She was a lawyer and she would represent children who had been abused. She wasn’t just a lawyer. She was also a healer. She would represent these children who have been abused, but she will also work with them to bring them to a point of healing. She had blockage coming up with a couple of the children she was working with. She came and saw me and she says, “Why am I creating this blockage? I can’t heal. I’m experiencing blockage in my flow.”

What came out in that consultation was the challenges that you’re in judgment. The opposite of acceptance is judgment. She goes, “What do you mean I’m in judgment? I’m here to serve these children, I’m not in judgment.” I said, “You’re not in judgment of the children, you’re in the judgment of what the children have experienced.” She said, “I’m in the judgment of what they experienced, they had been abused.” I said, “I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. All I’m saying to you is that the moment you are in judgment, your healing power is minimized.” The moment you’re in judgment, you’re coming from the state of fear. Love has no judgment. Love is your healing power. Love is acceptance. The moment you’re in judgment for someone else or you have judgment towards something else, then right there you have created blockage for your infinite power, which is love.

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Intuition: Intuition is formless. It’s not something that’s tangible.


That’s very powerful because as a parent, we often have judgments that we make about the direction our children’s life is going on for example. I work a lot with addictions and eating disorders and I always have parents come to me at the breaks in my talks to say, “I’m worried about my daughter because she’s obese or my son because he’s using drugs.” That’s one of the things that I tell them, “Accept them as they are.” That’s the first step to change. The Buddhist has an expression called radical acceptance, which is a beautiful principle but hard to do.

It’s very difficult to do but if you can come to the point of accepting, then you will free yourself from the identity and the healing will come not from your identity but from your true essence.

Sometimes the acceptance can be very difficult. I had my middle son who suffered from mental illness for many years. He became homeless and left our family. He was out on the streets and eventually died in relationship to his mental illness. People often say to me, “Why didn’t you put him on medications?” As a parent, I had done everything that I could even dream about to help him. At the end of the day, I had to accept that was his journey. I was part of his journey but I wasn’t the journey.

If you don’t mind, I might share another story of acceptance which may be supportive. It’s a story of when I was younger. The biggest moment of acceptance I have experienced was when I was with a girlfriend of mine and I took her home one day. She was going inside to change. She went inside. I was waiting outside and after a couple of minutes, I’m thinking, “Where is she? She said she’s only going to be a couple of minutes.” I’m thinking, “Women, they take so long.” I started walking towards the house, I heard this screaming. I’m screaming back and she said, “There’s someone in here raping me.” It was such an intense experience. I’m trying to break into the door and I’m swinging back. In the end, I broke in through the window and by the time I got in there, the guy had run out. She wasn’t raped, but there was a burglary in progress. He was trying to go up the house and he saw a pretty girl and he thought she was alone and he thought he’d take advantage of it. The point of that story is that I took her to my mom because my mom was a wise lady. I wanted my mom to help her because it was such a traumatic experience as you can imagine.

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My mom sat down with her and she said, “You have to accept this.” She said, “How can I accept this?” She started crying and she’s all hysterical. My mom said, “The way you accept it is by loving him.” She said, “How can I love someone that tried to rape me?” She said to her, “If that was your brother, would you still love your brother?” She said, “I would because he’s my brother. I still have an unconditional love for my brother. I wouldn’t agree with what he’s done but I will still love him.” She said, “He’s your brother too. We all come from one source and if you can find the love for which he truly is, not the role he was playing, not the identity he was portraying. If you can find love for which he truly is, he’s your brother as well.”

Your mom is a profound woman. Was she able to get to that place of loving him as a brother?

We never spoke about it after that. I know she got to a point of releasing it. That’s what happens when you come to the point of acceptance, when you truly accept something. It’s almost like you neutralize a charge. What makes up who we are is a positive and negative charge. The moment you get to a point of acceptance is you neutralize that charge, which means you release it. It’s almost like you become free from the memory of it. If you don’t get to a point of acceptance, then that charge stays within. You will continue to recreate similar experiences. I’m not talking about being raped again, but you will continue to create experiences where you’re being overpowered by someone else and you have no control. She was young at that stage. She was eighteen years of age. I always find that young people get this so much easier it’s because they have less emotional positive or negative charges that they’ve suppressed within their body. We never had to speak about it again. It was gone, not because she was in denial and she didn’t want to go there again. She freed herself from it. She’s a successful person back in Australia now and living a fulfilled life.

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Intuition: Learn what went well.


I’d like to shift to a little bit different topic and talk about what is the place of wealth and success? How does that fit in with what you’re talking about? You were wealthy and successful in your promotional business and it seems to be that you’re very successful now. Is it a different feeling?

It is a different feeling. Before I would get my sense of certainty, my sense of security, my status, my credibility from what I’ve done. My purpose would come from what I did in the world. You get to a point where what you do and what you have in life no longer makes you who you are and no longer determines your sense of fulfillment. It’s not about letting go of the material possession. It’s about letting go of the identity that you have created with the material possessions, which allow you to let go of the attachment that you have created to the material possessions. You get to a point where you let go of your identity of those material possessions and you’ll realize that fulfillment is in whom you’re being or purpose is in who you’re being. In other words, the purpose is in who you are.

When you realize that purpose is who you are, you are no longer looking to find purpose in what you do. You’re finding purpose in who you are and then you choose to give purpose to what you do. It turns the game upside down. Before you’re looking to find purpose and meaning and fulfillment in what you do and even what you did. When you find the truth of who you are, when you let go of who you are as being identified with what you’ve created in the external and the material world, then you realize that’s not who you are. You’re free to place your attention on the truth of who you are. You realize that fulfillment and purpose are who you are. That sense of fulfillment, that sense of life, that sense of joy, it’s who you are. You’re no longer looking to do something so you can live in purpose. You give purpose to what you do. It becomes the opposite.

In the old days, and a lot of the people that you worked with like who founded the Human Potential Movement in the new age philosophies from the ‘60s and so on. They were placing too much emphasis on the self and creating a generation that’s only focused on, “Me,” narcissistic generation. What do you think about that?

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That’s a little rule that the identity or the ego has created. The ego creates its identity in the material world. It creates its identity in what you do, in your problems. The reason the ego creates its identity from the material world is that the ego doesn’t have an identity. It looks to build its identity. The ego is a part of you that doesn’t know who it truly is. It’s continuously looking to build its identity both in a positive manner, but also in a negative manner. Through negative experiences and through positive experiences and that ego will fight for existence. It will kill people, it will manipulate people, it will manipulate you and it will kill yourself. I’m not saying kill yourself. I’m talking about killing your own soul.

The reason it’s doing that is that it’s fighting for its identity. Why it’s fighting for its identity? It doesn’t have one. I explain this part in human work. When you connect with the truth of who you are, you can’t identify with one thing because who you truly are is an infinite source. Something that’s infinite cannot be labeled the moment you say, “This is what it is, this is who I am or this is what I’m part of.” You have limited that infinite source the moment you label something and say, “This is it.” The whole idea of people going, “If you’re making it about yourself, it’s being selfish,” it’s not. It’s being selfless. You’ve come here to lose yourself in the identity but then to rediscover the truth of who you are. To be able to rediscover the truth of who you are, you’ve got to get to a point of being selfless.

The ego has created little things and little patterns in the world to say, “No, you shouldn’t be about yourself. It should be always about other people.” The truth is that when you come to a point of realizing who you are beyond yourself because you’ve become unused to doing so much joy and fulfillment, your natural tendency is to express that to other people. People think, “They’re a different person,” then the identity or the egos are watching someone who’s different to other people because that sounds the true sense of self. They go, “To be loving, that’s what I need to do. I need to make it all about the service. I need to make it all that about the giving,” but they are doing that with an agenda to be loving. Love does not have an agenda. That person who is truly giving without an agenda, they’re not giving to love. They’re giving because they already love. They’ve connected to their true essence of love. When you connect to your true essence of love, your natural tendency is to express that. You have so much of it, it’s flowing through. You naturally express it. It’s one of the things I always say is we haven’t come here to build the world. We come here to find ourselves, find our true essence and then express into the world.

Besides being successful at what you do, what are the measures that you would know that you are expressing your true essence, your authentic self? If you’re not studying with a guru or you’re a regular working staff, how does one know that they’re doing that?

CCR 11 | Intuition

Intuition: When you’re coming from your true, authentic self, you’re no longer looking at the world waiting for what’s going to show up. You show up the way you want to show up.


You will know when you’re coming from your true authentic self because what you do doesn’t have an agenda. When you’re doing something, it’s not coming from an agenda. Your physical world is not determining whether you feel a sense of fulfillment, whether you feel a sense of self. You are determining. You show up and your world molds around you. Most people are looking at how what they say is going to be received, how what they do is going to be appreciated or not. They are looking at the external world and then determine how they’re going to show up. When you’re coming from your true authentic self, you no longer look at the world and determine what’s going to show up. You show up the way you want to show up. You show up with what feels true. You say what feels true for you and the world will mold around you.

Is there still struggle in your life when you’re in that place? Many people experience suffering and struggle.

There’s a difference between struggle and suffering. Suffering is caused by the resistance of a difficult situation. Suffering is caused by the resistance to what is happening. I always talk to people about doing what they love to do. The biggest thing that people don’t do is do what their heart says to do. People confuse that when I say do what you love to do. They confuse that with do what’s easier to do. When I’m doing what I love to do, it doesn’t mean that I won’t create struggle. I can tell you I won’t create suffering because I go with the flow of what’s happening. One thing that’s different from my way of living and the way of building my business compared to the way I used to build it is there are no more attachments. There’s no more resistance. There’s a sense of joy and fulfillment along the way. I’m not looking to arrive at the outcome before I can get a sense of fulfillment. I’m already fulfilled at this moment. Right now I’m having this conversation with you. I’m feeling fulfillment and joy right now. I’m not looking for the outcome to arrive or for the result to be materialized before I can get that sense of fulfillment.

I wondered if you had any examples of a story of someone you’ve worked with who have been able to change their lives and become more fully expressive.

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I run a program called The Quest for Truth Experience, which is a whole weekend program. Once somebody is uncovering the mask of who they are and letting go of all their goals and agendas that were driven from the head, they would immediately become free. What’s coming to you is an example that I wanted to give. If someone has a love of climbing Mount Everest, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. To do what you love to do doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It doesn’t mean that there’s going to be no risk involved. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to break a limb. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to be tiring to climb Mount Everest, but it means it’s going to be effortless. It means that your soul is free while you’re going through the physical difficulty in climbing this mountain. There is a blissful state within you. There is a natural, effortless experience that you’re having when you’re doing what you love to do.

I wanted to ask you as a leader in this field, what do you think is the future of human potential? Where do you think we’re going with all of this? I know there’s a lot of talk about the 2012 deal. If you can say a little bit about that.

I’m sure everybody can feel that the world as a collective, there’s a shift taking place. There are a lot of talks about 2012, the Mayan calendar ending and some people say the world as we know it ends. My feeling about that is the world as we know it, is the world that’s been driven by the ego or the world that’s been driven by fear. Those who are living and building their lives from fear will create great difficulties. The shift that’s taking place is that consciousness that came here and manifested itself to be unconscious is becoming conscious of itself. We are truly awakening to the true potential of who we truly are. For that to happen, the ego begins to die. The ego as a collective begins to die for the world as we know it changes. That’s what it resembles.

When you’re working with people who are new to the self-awareness path, what would you share with them?

CCR 11 | Intuition

Intuition: The deeper your truth, the easier you’re able to articulate it.


I do a talk called Intuitive Warrior. I get people who are new to the path and I get people who have been on the path for many years and been traveling towards the Eastern countries and then searching for the truth. I always said that the deeper your experience in the truth, the easier you’re able to articulate it. That’s one of my gifts is to be able to articulate the truth or intuition or meaning or purpose in such a simple manner that it’s easy to digest. Sometimes the people who have been on this path for a long time find it more difficult because they’ve put more stuff into their head of, “It should be this way, it should be that way.” For someone who is coming for the very first time, you digest it easier.

How would people find out about these Intuitive Warrior events?

By going through our website address, The greatest thing about the work or the thing that sets it above is it’s not another program. I’m not here to teach you something that you already know. All my programs are about living it. That’s the point that I got to in my life where I went, “I know all this stuff.” That’s the people I draw in, it’s people who are like, “I know this. I’ve been on this path. I know this but how can I live it? How can I be this? How can I experience that true potential? If I am in an infinite source, why am I experiencing limitation? Why am I experiencing fear?”

It’s scarcity and lack. You do not want to become a guru and have people follow you around and listen to your every word. You want to return them to themselves essentially.

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I am the furthest thing from a guru. I’m not here to be a guru and that’s what I ran away from and that’s why I sold my company because that’s what we were doing. I’m here to take people back home to themselves. That’s in a path that they got to find. I’m here to get people to find that final piece of the puzzle. That final piece of the puzzle is themselves and when they can find that, then all the things in their life. Those different programs and different gurus and different life experiences will start to make more sense and they will be able to live it.

Do you think being in a community with like-minded people in any way helps though? You can have those insights and then you come home and get buried under your struggles. Many people don’t have those spiritual communities or whatever communities where they have other people that they can bounce things off of.

It’s critical. The more you’re around with people who are on the same journey, the more support you’re going to create. I feel that if you’re truly on the path, you would be creating people of like-minded nature.

You would attract those, in other words.

You would create that. You would naturally do that. You’ve created for yourself to listen to this conversation that we’re having. We create our life all the time, moment by moment.

Being on the radio for me came out of a feeling of not being connected to expanded consciousness that perhaps I had been in earlier days in my life and I thought, “How can I continue to expose myself to new ideas or new thoughts?” The next thing I knew I was on the radio listening to people like you, which is great.

That’s an important point because that’s exactly why I started doing what I’m doing. The reason I never went out to become a speaker. I’m the shy guy who would promote speakers.

You don’t seem very shy, I have to say.

When the message is coming through or the message is flowing through, I’m not shy. I used to be the shy guy, nervous to get on stage and all that stuff. The reason I started speaking is that the more I started to speak or write about it or coach about it, then the deeper it would take me within myself. The deeper connection I would find within myself. I train people to do what I do, to become intuitive coaches, intuitive speakers and intuitive writers. I run my twelve-month program about that.

People can find out more about all of your programs at I want to thank you, Amir Zoghi. I especially thank my readers of the blog. I wish you good health and vitality.

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About Amir Zoghi

CCR 11 | IntuitionAmir Zoghi is not your regular Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. He’s also an Aerobatic Pilot, taking his passengers to the edge of their comfort zone by showing them some rather skillful aerobatic stunts. When not soaring over the skies of Sydney, Amir is well known to be helping others soar in their personal and professional lives as a Mind Performance Coach. Amir is sought after for his deep, yet modern philosophical teachings on Self Actualisation. As an Entrepreneur Amir has multiple successful businesses but openly admits that he doesn’t know too much about growing businesses, rather growing people. His success in growing businesses is testament to his ability to help people grow and perform.

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