I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives.  Now I consider this a false choice.  We can recover the sense of sacredness, not just in science, but in perhaps every area of life.

Larry Dossey, MD

The quote above was written by Dr. Dossey who is a pioneer in alternative medicine.  When it comes to eating disorders, it has long been my belief, which I wrote about in “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit” that eating disorders and addictions are about spiritual pain.  When a person with an eating disorder goes through treatment, the deepest level of recovery is found on the spiritual level.  It doesn’t have to be with religion or even spirituality.  It’s about that sense of sacredness.  Food and eating become sacred.  The body is no long the enemy; a new reverence is developed towards the inner workings of the body.  Relationships as well can become sacred.

Once behaviors are no longer the focus and you become more aware of your emotions and how to manage them, then the real work takes place.  The first step of that deeper work is reconnecting mind and body and learning to nurture and appreciate all the body does for us on a moment by moment basis – digesting whatever we put into it; sending nutrients in our cells to all parts of the body; continuing to breathe.

Becoming more connected with the body is the beginning of becoming more connected with nature, people in our lives and the environment we live in.

Spirituality has many different meanings.  A sense of awe is to be cultivated as part of recovery as is a sense of the sacred.  They provide the anchor for sacredness in your recovery.