The financial crisis has really made me stop and think about my own patterns in life.  I can see that I have always assumed that I lived in a “land of plenty” and that I would be able to feel safe sampling from the bounty that we as Americans take for granted.  Now, it seems that this assumption is being called into question on a daily basis.  I know that many people, like me, have experienced hardships because of the economy and the tightening of the credit markets.  When I think of how that applies to health, I recognize that for me and many of my patients, the stress of all this can increase the likelihood of overeating or turning to food for comfort.  Is that bad or wrong?  Not really.  I believe that if you are aware of what is happening you can look for other ways to deal with the stress.  Sometimes food is one of those ways but it certainly shouldn’t be the only way.  I’ve been trying to exercise more, for example and to just take time to read a book or take a walk in nature.  Last night, I went to a movie that was funny and took my mind off my troubles.  Small things but all focused on trying to stay in balance.  What about you?