When I was a kid, I was skinny!  As I became a young adult, I was still skinny.  Over time, I plumped up quite nicely.  But you know what’s funny?  I didn’t even realize how “lucky” I was to be skinny.  All the time people tried to feed me.  I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a pound.  I wore the cutest clothes. But I was CLUELESS as to my privileged status in society as a “thin girl/woman.”  What I always knew is that I looked like my Mom and her Mom and that all my sisters did too.  My Mom was skinny until after the menopause when she described herself as “pleasingly plump.”  She never seemed to realize that you have to be thin to be happy or sexy.  In that way, I’m most lucky that I had a Mom with such a positive view of herself. 


But seriously, can you even imagine a world in which all the women were thin?  Can you imagine if you and your best friends and family members could get down to a size 0 and stay that size.  Do you really believe it would make you happier, healthier, sexier.  I know.  I know.  The first thing that comes to your mind is YES!!!  You’d probably give anything to have this happen (for yourself at least).  But think of all the times you’ve been thinner, even if not a size 0.  Were you really happier?  Sexier? Smarter? Healthier?


If you’re honest with yourself, you will admit that you were the same person when you lost weight as you are now.  Food obsessed.  Worried now about regaining the weight.  Always comparing yourself to someone else who was thinner, prettier, taller, blonder, whatever!  So Fact # 8  Losing weight won’t make you happy but being happy can help you lose weight.   In order to lose weight, you need to work on being happier, healthier, sexier, more grateful, etc. on the inside. Then your weight will be a natural result of how you feel about yourself and a genuine expression of who you really are. 


What is your weight and body image saying about you now?