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How many diets have you been on? is one of the questions I ask my patients.  Most have been on numerous diets and continue to have a surprising amount of optimism and enthusiasm for the latest dieting fad.  Attached to this is the belief that “if I could just be thinner, then ________ (my life would be better, I’d be happier, I’d get the man/woman,

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I doubt that there’s another country in the world so addicted – not to food but to dieting.  So much so, that even children as young as 5 years old feel they should be dieting too.  Most people who start on the diet treadmill learn about dieting not from the media, but from their own families.  Famous people and celebrities are dieting.  Even 70 year olds are expressing dissatisfaction with their weight.

While we have lost the war on obesity, we have certainly won the war on brainwashing the public that they need to buy into the need to spend billions of dollars every year on diet products.

See the recent piece in the NY Times is written by a man who has spent a lifetime dieting and is beginning again to try and lose weight to understand the misery dieting can cause.  See the article:

There are few hopeful signs in this extreme desire to be thin in our culture.  So my question above stands – Is a lifetime of dieting really a life?