Well, yes, this is true.  If you’ve been dieting most of your life you may have the following issues:

  1. you may be zinc deficient which can lower your appetite
  2. you may have learned not to eat all day so you can “save up your calories” for dinner
  3. you may have also learned how to tolerate being hungry all the time.

While learning skills of any kind show that you are able to do something that for many people is hard to do – i.e. ignore body cues of hunger and satiety – this is not the best thing for your body.  Yo yo dieting (also called weight cycling) is where you go on and off diets all the time – you gain weight, lose it, gain it again, etc.  Yo yo dieting is associated with bad things happening to your body – namely your blood pressure can go up and your immune system doesn’t work as well.

So, what’s the solution?   You have to eat more to lose weight.  Give your body what it needs – good nutrition.  In Chinese medicine, obesity is thought to be due to what you eat.   Starving yourself leads to overeating and usually overeating is associated with eating more comfort foods which are known to be higher if fat and sugar.  What can you do about this?  Read on…